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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Power of True Love

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A marriage is not possible without love or even if there is, the marriage will not last long. This has been a common case to individuals vowed by their parents and not by their own accord. It is really a different thing when the parents get in the way and decide for you. It may be hard for the parents to accept it, but you should decide on your own. You should choose the one you love so you must be brave to tell your parents your feelings because if not, you will end up being committed to a person you don't even love. It is not the parents that will suffer in this situation but it is you.
Trust is a key factor in having a successful married life. A relationship without this factor is nothing but trash. Arguments will occur often when a couple do not trust each other. It is because you will always doubt that your partner is not being faithful to you. In order for a couple to gain trust with each other, they should have communication. Allotting a certain amount of time for you to talk about your everyday experiences is a good exercise to gain trust to each other. You should also talk about problems you are facing in order for you to be able to materialize a solution for the problem.Not only will you gain trust but you will also understand each other. Communication can lead to knowing each others similarities and differences and also your weaknesses and strengths. Knowing all of these, you can help each other overcome your weaknesses and cope with your differences.
The best factor that affects good relationship is love. To think that even divorced people can still be reconciled, love is really very powerful. Love should be present in order to have a good and successful relationship. It is because if you really love a person, you will face even the strongest hurricanes just to be with the person you love. A marriage is said to be successful when love is in the midst of the two people involved. No matter what trials they face, still they stand firm and do not falter.
The power of love can really conquer anything. No matter what trials you will have to face, as long as there is love in your midst, they will be nothing but a piece of cake. A strong relationship is composed of good communication, trust to each other, and love. If you love a person very much and the feeling is mutual, only then can you trust. You can communicate with someone without loving her but it won't be that effective in a relationship. Everything can be ruined when even one of these factors is not present.
True love is really a powerful tool in maintaining a good relationship. Add it with trust and communication and everything will work out just fine.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What To Do If He's Not Ready to Get Married

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Maybe the first thing that comes to mind is that you've been waiting a long time (a year) and still he's not ready. Leave his sorry-___- but wait, that's really extreme and totally unfair and who needs a smart alec anyway?

How long have you been dating, living together and been engaged to marry? Engagements in the dark-ages lasted years, today if they go on for longer than two or three years it leaves you wondering what's really going on - with reason.
The exception to this is that you have both sat down and discussed honestly, with respect and love for one another, when a wedding might become a reality - for a lot of reasons, the least of all is your married sister keeps asking "when" and your mother continues to wring her hands in anticipation and with anxiety, "what if she gets pregnant" and you have to tell them something just to keep them from hounding you.
Guys are a funny lot, women have always known that (just as guys have always known that about women) - they do things a certain way and for a lot of different reasons. We'll try to look at a few of those here:

His career is just taking off and he want's to be certain he can afford a wife and family. When he is sure of his career choices and the direction these are taking him, he will be more in the right frame of mind to settle down.• There simply isn't enough money in savings to run a home, plan a wedding, take on the responsibility of a wife (and maybe a child from a previous union). That's a huge chunk to bite off and he's gathering his funds and making plans for the future. If he's a wise man, you know this because he has told you at least two or three times.
He's only twenty and not anywhere near ready to have an honest discussion regarding marriage and what that might be all about. He's still a babe and not ready for all of that. He's really only ready for dating a dozen girls - one doesn't work out maybe her best friend will - he can hardly get to class or his job on time yet and his mother still does his laundry.  He needs a baby-sitter not a wife.
The fact that your grandparents married when they were only nineteen, has no bearing on the marriage situations of today. Back in the "good-old days" that's what people did, got out of high school, married their high school sweetheart and had babies - it was the climate of the era... not so in 2010.
Probably the reason that's hardest to consider is that you just aren't the right one. He has a lot of fun with you, he enjoys sex with you, and he calls all the time. You're a habit he's formed and he's not ready to break the habit yet - so he strings you along with promises of a ring; maybe we can talk about it next year; I'm getting ready, just not yet.
If that's the case, and has been for a number of months, and your instincts tell you to honestly examine his reasoning and you feel about your relationship with him, perhaps it really is time to cut him loose and get on with your life.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Psychological Reasons for Infidelity

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When someone is unfaithful to their spouse, the first assumption is that they "can't keep it in their pants". The idea that a man or even a woman is incapable of being faithful due to the physical urge to have sex is a bit far-fetched though. Most infidelity is psychological in nature and stems from the expectations and needs that every human being has in a relationship. So, before making any assumptions, take the time to understand the psychological reasons for infidelity and how to deal with them before it becomes an issue.
Emotional Prominence
One of the most common psychological reasons for infidelity is the lack of prominence in a partner's life. If a spouse starts spending more time at work, with friends, or even with children, they feel neglected and unappreciated.
Not only do most people assume they are the most important part of their spouse's life, they want to feel important, and likely have felt important for many years since marriage. So, when that importance fades away, they look for someone else to bestow it upon them - and that often leads to an affair.
As we get older, our self-esteem can often take a hit, either because of the growing emotional rift between us and our spouse or because of physical aging and our perception of our bodies. As far as psychological reasons for infidelity go, self-esteem is near the top of the list. People want to feel attractive and when their spouse stops trying, they will look for someone else to bestow that mantle of beauty or masculinity on them.
This extends to physical interaction as well. When you stop having sex with your partner as often, they feel less important and less attractive. A sexually active relationship in an affair can bridge that gap.
Feeling Misunderstood
At the end of the day, every relationship is about communication and basic understanding. Being able to sit down and discuss your problems, compare notes, and understand how your spouse is feeling is one of the greatest parts of marriage. When that level of understanding falls apart or disappears completely, it leaves a big gap in a once healthy relationship. This can drive some men or women to find another who will understand them on the level they desire.
Finding a partner who you feel comfortable, happy, and safe with for the rest of your life is a tremendous moment. So, it can be heart breaking when you feel yourselves being pulled apart. Rather than letting these psychological causes of infidelity lead to a broken marriage, take action early to bridge the rift and get closer than ever.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Do Men Want in a Potential Wife - Solid Guidelines Every Woman Out There Must Follow

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Men have different expectations and look for varied number of things while thinking of a life partner. Most men like a woman who is a total package, someone with looks, intellect, a career and a super mom material. Though the initial criteria could be a good looking woman, they do look for things far deeper.
Emotionally stable and positive person
Men prefer woman with a positive attitude towards life and one that has cheerful and a happy personality. They feel that a woman's temperament has an influence on the house and if she radiates warmth and positive energy, the house has an energized atmosphere. On the other hand if she is sad or a depressing person it spreads negative energy in the house.
A confident woman
In modern times men are essentially drawn to woman who are self assured and can take care of themselves in the competitive world. Whether it is at home or at the work place, they would like the woman who can deal with the challenges effectively and calmly.
Someone with mental compatibility
One of the attributes men consider in a woman is whether or not she is on the same plane mentally. They would like their wife to be aware of current issues and with whom they can hold intelligent and stimulating conversation.
A career woman
A big plus point for men is when the woman is career oriented. Whether or not she can contribute financially to build their life together, someone who can share the burden is also important. In today's demanding world a woman with a focus and goals is an attractive proposition.
A woman with beauty
Men are first attracted to the physical beauty before they get to know their woman better. That, they want a good looking women for their wife is a no brainer, each man has his own expectations of what they like in their woman.
A woman's motherly instincts
Dating helps to know and understand each other better and men who are interested in long term relationship are looking for the feminine traits in their woman who can be a good mother to their children. Motherliness is a trait all men would like to see in a woman.
Woman's spiritual side is a big plus
Many men are drawn to women who are devout and have belief and respect for the omnipresent God. It gives them the strength of character and makes them stable and balanced person. Men believe that it makes them a better person too when they have a wife who is a believer.

Monday, December 27, 2010

How Do I Know If He Will Commit to Me-Signs of a Truly Serious Guy

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Every girl wishes that the guy she's currently dating would offer her a long-term commitment. If you're eager to know whether or not your man would commit, here are ways to find out:
He's not afraid to talk about settling down.
Why would he be scared to talk about something that he looks forward to? Any guy who openly talks about marriage, settling down, and even growing old with you is a guy that's truly serious about you.
You're clearly a part of his future.
This guy will verbally confirm that he wants you to become a part of his future. In fact, you do not make up just a tiny portion of that future - you're the main star in it!
He is mindful of your plans.
When this guy is talking about his future plans, he doesn't go about telling you about his dream house, or his preferred number of children; he makes sure that you also tell him about your thoughts of these plans and whether you agree or not. And if you want something else, he'll also seriously consider your desires.
He asks you to become his exclusive date.
He finally introduces you as his girlfriend and he proudly takes you everywhere with him. No living soul is left uninformed that the two of you are now an item. He also stops dating other women because he wants the two of you to be an exclusive couple.
He requests that you take him to your folks.
Yet another sign that he's going to commit anytime soon is when he wants to be introduced to the most important people in your life. Getting into your inner circle isn't something that a player would want to venture into - keep that in mind.
He discusses financial with you.
A man who is serious about you will let you into one of the most private areas of his life - his finances. Once he asks for your opinion on any financial decision, then you're deep into his life and it won't be long before he'll finally get down on his knee to propose to you.
You're his number one priority.
This guy will want to spend most - if not all - of his time with you. He will also forgo any exciting activities just so he could be with you. He will also make sure that you're always happy when you're with him. This is because he couldn't allow a single tear to fall on those cheeks - you're just too important to him.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The approach to take to make a man fall strongly in love with you

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When you want to make a man fall in love with you strongly then you have to ensure that you are prepared for some hard work and a methodical approach. Here are a few ways with which you can make sure that your man falls strongly in love with you.
Know what he wants from you
The first thing that you need to do to make a man fall strongly in love with you is to see and identify what he actually wants from you. Be sure that you have the qualities that he wants in his woman and if you don't then try to make space for that growth in your life. We all need to compromise and make allowances to make a relationship successful, so don't let your ego get in the way.
Show him your perceptive side
When you want a man to fall in love with you madly then you need to show him that you are a perceptive and intelligent woman and that you know what all he wants out of a relationship.
Make him feel like no one else does
Use your intelligence to see what he really likes and use that information to make him feel special. When you are able to make your man feel special then he feels like spending more time with you and ends up falling strongly in love with you.
Never make him crave for space
If you want a man to fall strongly in love with you then you need to make him feel like he is in a free relationship. Don't try to chain him down to yourself and don't try to dictate how he should or shouldn't act. If you give him his space in your relationship then he will fall deeply in love with you.
Be a fun loving and spontaneous person
Finally, your man has to have fun when he is with you. Learn to be upbeat and spontaneous and your man will fall deeply in love with you.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Relationship Advice - Don't Get Your Love Advice From Friends Unless They Have A Great Relationship

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Relationship advice does work. But, how effective it is, depends on where you get the advice. If you are asking for relationship tips from your friends and their relationships are less than desirable, then following that advice will only lead to more relationship problems.
If you want to mend the problems that are plaguing your relationship, you need to seek advice that is tried, tested and proven with real world experience. Go and actively seek people who have great relationships.
Look around you, who are the people who have a super great relationship? Ask them for advice on how to improve your present situation. If they've been married awhile, they should be able to give great marriage advice.
If your dealing with a long distance relationship issue, you need to get advice on how to keep the romance alive despite the distance. Many couples face this situation on a daily basis because of work and manage to keep their relationship strong. They do work if you put the time into making them work.
Great advice is available if you are willing to seek it out and act upon it. If you just get advice but fail to take action on it or fail to implement it, you are just wasting your time and do not seriously want to improve your situation

Learn To Communicate Better With Your Partner - Learn To Listen More Effectively

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Have you ever been talking to someone about something important to you and realized they were not listening to a thing you had said? That really stinks and I am sure we have all experienced that at some point. American Law expert and founder John Marshall once said "To listen well is as powerful a means of communication and influence as to speak well.
One of the biggest problems in relationships is that people have stopped listening to one another.
Unfortunately for most people they have forgotten they were given two ears and only one mouth, they like to speak much more than they like to listen. Listening is the most overlooked part of the communication process. So how can you become a better listener:
Give  your partner your undivided attention. Put aside your text messages, books, and other distractions and focus on what the other person is saying. It has been shown in studies that people who "multi-task" actually have a net loss. What I mean is that the brain can only work on one thing at a time and with multi-tasking it is just jumping between the things rapidly. When you focus on one thing, for instance someone who is speaking to you, and save the other things for later you get more efficient use of your brain's power.

When you become a better listener you become better at  your relationship. Especially the relationship that matters most which is the one with the partner that you love the most.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to Get a Man to Move From Casual to Committed

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Very few women are okay with casual dating. Most of them believe that if a man doesn't commit, there must be something wrong. If you want to snap out of casual dating and turn your relationship into something more long-lasting, here's how to make him commit:

Let him behold your beauty.

Men will always be admirers of physical beauty. This is, in fact, the very first aspect that made them attracted to any woman. So if you want him to commit to you, at least prove to him that you'd always look pretty for him.

Have a mind that enthralls.

Being beautiful is good but what's more admirable is for a woman to possess an intelligent mind. Let him know that you just don't have a pretty face but also a brain that would make many girls give up because you're obviously the best.

A woman who can make heads turn can be quite common - look at all the supermodels on runways. But what would make you stand out from a room that's full of equally beautiful women? Be constantly self-assured and never let a moment of anger take away your pleasant demeanor.

Have a pleasing persona.

You must have the necessary virtues in a woman - honesty and faithfulness. Men don't want treacherous women and so you must prove to him early on in your relationship that you're not the type who would have two or three boyfriends all at the same time.

Restrain any negative emotion.

Showing anger and frustration is quite normal for any human being - what's wrong is if you let these things overpower you. If you start yelling or demeaning your man, then he has just seen what you would constantly be in two to three years. If you want him to commit, then let him see that you are always in control of your feelings.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tips to save your marriage

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Are you that person who stayed wakeful at night worrying about in case your relationship will really last... and how you might actually save your marriage?

Break-ups or divorces mostly happen if the strains of marriage life definitely get too much. The effect that many troubled marriage will surely have on the 2 people will affect your emotional, personal and social life together with those of your sons or daughters, should you have any.

Whenever you truly feel that your marriage is in jeopardy, you might need to question yourself these following concerns:

#1 - if you could possibly change everything with regards to your husband or wife, just what would be the 2 most significant things you most probably change right away?

#2 - if you could possibly correct nearly anything regarding yourself, exactly what would be the two most significant concerns you would like to change right now?

#3 - in case your wife or husband could possibly alter everything about yourself, what precisely would be the 2 most crucial things you consider he or she needs you to definitely change at this point?

To save a marriage, you must be prepared to fully grasp and take note of the problems that your husband or wife might want to cope with. Many of the relationship factors that married couples face may consist of money issues, problems on raising the children, minimal communication, concerns with closeness and confidence breakdown. Be sure to preserve the communication options unblock and ensure always to have a straight-forward conversation.

It's always beneficial to know if there are actually differences between your concerns and also those of your better half. Your wife or husband may start thinking about that physical affection for being the focal point, whereas you might be more concerned about the financial difficulties that threaten your marriage relationship.

Marital relationship challenges are placed into a numerous opinion when there is simply no serious option but to remedy them. We are blessed that all of us live in the moment when we have options concerning the course of their everyday life. As for marriage relationship problems, it is advisable to solve all of them if this can be achieved, particularly if there are kids involved.

Communication is the magic formula to any or good marriage relationships. Many married people are drawn to each other initially due to their likeness or harmony within their conversation styles. Several marriage experts propose that married couples need to have a consistent 'date' together. And as soon as the couple have kids, the normal 'date' must become more significant than ever.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Aesthetics of Unconditional Love

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In the present day world, people often use the term 'Love' at various stages in their life. The thing to ponder is that do they all really know the true meaning of love? Are they all aware of its magical power? Do they what does that express? Or is it just a four letter word of a dictionary?

In the olden days, love was definitely a source of strength, compassion, and bonding. People then used to live with the truth and purity of this beautiful emotion, a sense of belonging, and a relationship that was unconditional and selfless. Sadly, people now have forgotten the true meaning and are using the term for their own selfish needs.

Two unknown people tie together in wedding and take vows to be with each other in all situations of life. They together start a new journey of life but just one stone on their way, they leave hands. Vows, promises, and love - all take a backbench when trials and tribulations hit from even one end. Increasing cases of divorce in the present era speaks this truth. If this is true, then is it love?

There are so many love marriages taking place these days. Before marriage couples sing to their love, dance to all melodies, and live happily making long term plans and promises of living together for seven births. As soon as they are tied into the wedding knot, all love vanishes. Before marriage they live in the world of fantasy but when reality creeps in, they fail to face it and then their so called love becomes a burden for them. Can this be called love

In short, the definition, the meaning, essence, and aesthetics of love have all changed over the period of time. The emotion has become just a small word in the dictionary with no value and significance in any human life. However, there are few people who still believe in the magic of this feeling.

In reality, love is much more beyond words can explain and hearts can express. It is an unconditional and selfless feeling someone feels for the other person. When it is true, there are no demands, no expectations, and no justifications. It is absolutely pure, someone giving his or her life at service for no reason. It is a joy felt when the other person is happy and a pinch in the heart when the other is sad. It is never about how much the other person loves but how much he or she is loved.

Love, when enters life transforms everything, making the world around beautiful and colorful. It is a beautiful feeling that ties the strings of two hearts. With closed eyes, the most beautiful experience or moment of life can be seen. What can be more beautiful than the moments spend in love?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why You Keep Ending Up With The Wrong Girls - Find The Right One Before It's Too Late

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Do you find yourself continually ending up with the wrong women? For some reason it starts off fine, but it just ends miserably. Or maybe, you guys just clash on every issue? Or worst of all, just being with her makes you feel down? Sometimes you can't even pinpoint whats wrong but you just have that feeling that something is.
For example, if you travel a lot and you're with a woman who needs a lot of attention, then you're with the wrong woman. You need to find a girl who's in a alignment with your goals.

This doesn't mean that you need to find someone who's exactly like you. You just need someone who understands you and is able to support you.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Reasons Behind Cheating in Relationships

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Is your husband spending less time at home? Is he always lying to you? Did your friends saw him with another woman? Are you wondering why he is cheating on you? There's a line that goes, "Men are cheats and liars". This is not true to all men but most of the men nowadays are. This is no surprise as there are many divorce cases where the root cause of the separation is the cheating of the husband.
If boyfriends can cheat than why can't husbands? They are all men after all and sometimes, one can almost say that it is probably their nature. But, it is not true because most of time, men cheat because they are not happy with their partners or they are receiving less affection. Men have needs and it has to be provided. Below are some reasons why many men have affairs and cheat behind their partner's back.

He is not Getting Affection:
Although men are from mars and they are seen as strong individuals, they will always need care from women. Their partners should always be there to support them and stay behind them in whatever they do. In relationships where the woman is always busy and rarely gives an effort to show her care and love to her man, the man will look for someone who can give him care and affection. Men are like little boys and there is always a time where all they want is to be cuddled in a woman's embrace. Not getting enough affection is one reason why men have affairs with other women.

Man has Needs :

It is the nature of man to have needs sexually and the woman has to provide it. There are relationships that fail because the man and woman no longer spend time in bed because of their busy life. No matter how much the husband loves his wife but his wife cannot give him his carnal needs, he will always look for it from someone else. Sex is important in every relationship and so men have affairs if they are not having any sex with their partners.

Misunderstanding in a relationship and Frequent Fights:

Who would want to be in a relationship where there's supposed to be love and care but instead, hate dominates? It is a woman's nature to be noisy and sometimes a nagger. Men will easily get tired in a relationship where their partners will always fight with them. Instead of getting love and care after a tiring day at work, all they get at home is noise and fight and so they will tend to go somewhere else and look for somebody who will not fight with him and understand him.

Women's lack of trust:

There are times when women are always accusing their men of things they never do and the woman don't hear out his explanations. No matter how much he tries to prove his innocence and honesty, if the woman never believes him, he will get tired. Thus, men have affairs because they are tired with all the blames and lack of trust from his partner so he might as well find someone who will trust him and accept him.

What Do I Have to Do in Order to Keep My Man Always Happy?

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Start looking crappy and he'll be looking away:
Keeping a guy happy can be very easy. It begins by looking good for him and, of course, yourself. You have to show him that you do exert extra effort to look good and please him.

Flirt each day of your life:
Being together doesn't mean becoming easy on your courtship. Remember that you have to court your man, too. Be sensual, use your body to your advantage. Send him sensuous text messages, tease him, make him want you each day of his existence.
Respect is at the very top of each man's list:
More than being a good cook or being a great bedroom mate, a man needs to feel that he is being respected by the woman that he loves.
Show how thoughtful you are:
Although they won't admit to being mushy inside, men are actually suckers for women who give them little gifts every now and then.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Love is eternal

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Love is something eternal; the aspect may change. The most beautiful of all things in life is the discovery of another human being with whom one's relationship has an ongoing dept, beauty and joy as the years go. The inner progressiveness of love between two human beings is a most wonderful thing; it cannot be found by looking for it or by passionately wishing for it. It is a sort of divine accident, and the most wonderful of all things in life.
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength. While loving someone deeply gives you courage.
Love is like a friendship caught on fire: In the begining a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.
The reality of it is, a guy who calls you wonderful instead of hot, who will listen to your heartbeat, who thinks you are just as pretty without makeup on. One who is continually reminding of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have you
Listening is an attitude of the heart, a genuine desire to be with another which both attracts and heals. Love is friendship set on fire.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

10 Principles For Success in Relationship

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On the path to self mastery we must each address how to deal with relationship. I am talking of relationship pertaining to love, courtship, commitment and marriage. Though different feelings are at play during each of these phases. There are certain principles that are important during the interplay between the personalities involved.
These principles would encompass Trust, Honesty, Communications, Listening, Patience, Respect, Priorities, Commitment, Planning, Follow through. These principles are the foundation of any relationship.
Trust: When dealing with your lover, there must be a mutual trust in order for a relationship to be on solid sound footing. It is important for you to instill trust and have trust in other person or the relationship will eventually fall apart
Honesty: Any relationship not rooted in honesty will cause confusion and the personalities involved will soon asume that whatever that is said may not truthful, therefore the first principle of trust will never develop.
Patience: Relationship takes time. It grows with time as those who enter into a relationship will slowly learn the depth of their feelings

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Outcomes Of Orgasmic Failure In Women

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Women are complex human beings and men need to treat them with all respect. Men must love and respect their women. When women are properly satisfied with their men in bed, they go all out to respect and love with all they have. Husbands who satisfy their wives can testify that their wives will always want to share something with them even if is very small.
Sex be complete only if both partners are okay with themseves. Husbands and wives are put together through the act of sex. Men who abuse sex, always have problems with their marriage. You can only have positive sex with your wife. Husbands and wives must both talk about sex so that where one is weak, the other can help.
A woman's failure to have an orgasm is as unnatural and as gloomy as is a man's. It is perhaps even a greater failure since she is perhaps better equipped for this phenomenon than the male. The clitoral system, most of which lies hidden underneath the genital area, is generally larger than the penis, its male equivalent. The tiny clitoris itself is only the small exterior periscope. Fifteen or twenty percent of all women are capable of having multiple orgasms at each session while the man only one. His single orgasm concludes the act but not necessarily for her.
A woman who does not have an orgasm, because of male ineptitude, will suffer psychological harm as well as physical upset from unrelieved congestion of the genitalia. Such continuous frustration can have a serious effect upon her psyche, character and well-being.
The underlying cause must be frankly discussed.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Want a Boyfriend? Signs He Wants to Be Your Boyfriend - More Than Just Friends

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Sometimes we seek a romantic mate endlessly when he's just right there all along, wanting so badly to change from just a friend to something more. The following signs tell you that this is definitely the case:

1. A special name for you

He's started to call you in a special way, from 'babe', to 'sweetheart' to 'angel', to 'chip-monk' to any other cute special name. You may have already reciprocated this or you may not. If you have not started to call him in a special way yet, and you like the guy, then next time he calls you that sweet special way you can simply return the kindness, casually, with a smile.

2. He calls you more. His calls, texts, emails are much more frequent than before. You seem to talk each other much more often and you both seem to really enjoy it (at least he seems to really enjoy it!). No particular reasons, it could be about anything going on during the day to what's on TV. But the conversations are very pleasant and never boring.

3. Physical gestures. Even if you two touched before, it was just as friends but now the touches seem to be gentler or more significant. For example, all of a sudden he's trying to hold you hands or caress your face. The gestures are sweet and kind.

4. He's extremely interested in your love life.

He's started to be really curious about your love life, if you are seeing someone, if you like someone, what type of guy you like, do you like blondes or dark-haired (and so on), and any similar type of questions. If you are seeing someone, he may say bad things about him, try to put him down, or he may just appear to be upset or moody about it.

10 Tips For a Happy Relationship

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Relationships are hard work-- while some couples make it appear effortless, one will realize that being in a relationship means giving something of yourself and getting something of the other person. This requires a balancing act of give-and-take.

Here are 10 useful tips to ensure a happy and healthy relationship.

1. Get to know each other no matter how long you've been together.

Even if you've passed the 1-year mark, make it a point to get to know each other continuously. Each person is a work in progress, and you can be part of that process by getting to know the person's past, present and hopefully be part of his or her future.

2. Learn to sacrifice and compromise.

A relationship entails some sort of sacrifice and compromise. No matter how alike you are, there will be things that you will not necessarily agree on, and you need to be willing to accept that and meet halfway if need be.

3. Spend time together.

The most effective way to keep your relationship happy and strong is to spend time together. Allocate a day a week to spend with your loved one alone and make it a point to do something together.

4. Find common interests and enjoy them together.

If you are one of those "opposites attract" types of couples, then together, try to discover a new hobby that both of you can pursue. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it allows you to develop bonding over a common interest.

5. Surprise him or her every now and then.

Every person in a relationship loves a surprise. Occasionally plan one out for your loved and one and he or she will surely return the favor.

6. Settle problems as soon as possible.

Never leave an issue to settle passively. Always do your best to settle an argument before the day ends. If this is not possible, give yourself and your loved one some time to calm down and think about it. But always go back to it and resolve it before moving on to other things before it builds up and becomes a bitter grudge.

7. Listen, listen, listen.

Listening is one of the most important things in the relationship. Learn to listen for verbal and non-verbal messages.

8. Always want the best for the other.

Never try to limit your loved one - if the change is for the best, then encourage him or her to go for it.

9. Constantly let them know you love them.

It doesn't have to be actual "I love you's", but it can come in the form of little things that make them smile.

10. Love yourself too.

Don't forget to leave some love for yourself. After all, you cannot love someone else when you cannot love yourself.

Tips on How to Fix a Sexless Marriage

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Lack of sexual intimacy is one of the most common problems in marriages today. Many couples find that they no longer have sex with their spouse as often as they would like, but feel powerless to fix it. The longer the marital dry spell continues, the more insurmountable the problem can feel, until it can become a potentially catastrophic problem in the marriage. Here are some tips on how to fix a sexless marriage, before it is too late and someone does something that you both will regret. An estimated 18% of the married population suffers the problem of reduced sexual intimacy at some point or another, so never feel that you and your spouse are alone in this.

The most important thing that you can do to reignite the sexual desire in your relationship is talk about it with your spouse. If you don't do that, and get to the bottom of what is really causing the lack of sex than none of the other tips on how to fix a sexless marriage are worth even reading. As with any problem, the first step in fixing it is admitting that you have a problem. The difference in this problem is that you must admit to yourself and your spouse that you have a problem, and you both must admit that there is a problem to even begin to make any headway toward fixing it.

Once you have agreed that you would both like to have more sexual intimacy in your marriage, there are a number of things that you can do to start making that happen. Figure out why you are not having sex now, and what you would need to change in order to start. Does one or both of you feel unattractive to the other? If so, one of the easiest tips on how to fix a sexless marriage is to let one another know, through words and actions, that you still find your spouse sexy. Is one or both of you overly stressed? Try alleviating the stress and remember that sex is a great stress reducer!

There are many other tips on how to fix a sexless marriage, but they all basically boil down to one thing: the best way to start having sex again is to simply start having sex again. It sounds too easy, but it is true. The more you have sex with one another, the more your sex drive will be stimulated. The more that your sex drive is stimulated, the more you will want to have sex. The more you want to have sex, well, you get the idea!

Stop Arguing With Your Spouse

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If you are wondering how to stop arguing with your spouse, and you find that you can hardly share a decent conversation without arguing and yelling at each other - you may want to read this article.

Constant arguing among couples causes alienation within the marriage and destroys the simple joys that can be experienced within the union - sometimes permanently! Unresolved problems can be likened to a wound which never gets better; it just stays there and festers before erupting again. The constant pain and hurt never gets healed, it just keeps showing up every now and then. The reality is that most couples just don't know how to stop hurting each other with their words, and therefore find it impossible to resolve conflicts on their own.

Most married couples tend to fight over insignificant issues, as a result of being unable to agree on any subject. When this starts to occur, couples naturally start thinking in terms of separation and divorce, as it is quite obvious to them that a happy marriage is no longer on the horizon.

In cases where the union has produced children, too often the children become the focus of the arguments. This however, is just a front as the real problem is not with the kids, but rather issues stemming from the frustration emanating from a deteriorating marital relationship.

Life Gets In the Way

It is a known fact; having children, possessing stressful jobs, involvement with various commitments and many other 'legitimate' issues can get in the way. As couples get caught up in their individual lives, they tend to drift apart until they have nothing in common anymore. It is at this juncture that frequent fights and disagreements tend to be manifested.

It is important to identify the little stressors and obvious distracters that ultimately result in estrangement. You also need to know how to reconnect and 'touch base' with your partner on a regular basis.

By applying proven techniques it is possible to rekindle the love, care and passion that used to exist within your relationship. These skills are really incredible as they can be implemented by you successfully even if your spouse is not interested in making things work any longer. These techniques focus on changes within you; once you have altered your approach to your spouse, your spouse will almost immediately change his approach toward you.

If things are going sour within our marriage and all you seem to do together is quarrel -do not worry, it is reversible!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to Make a Man Fall in Love and Keep Him - He Won't Leave You As Long As You Follow These Tips

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Some say that it is difficult to make a man fall for you, more so if you want to keep him or make him yours forever. However, if you know the techniques and if you have the skills to make him crazily in love with you, then this would just be an easy task. Know these skills and you'll have him eating in the palm of your hand.

Always present your most beautiful self.
When your man is physically attracted to you, then it means that you are one step ahead in making him fall for you. Always try to look your best all the time, even when you are having a not-so-good day.

Take time to find out some info about him.
Never forget to do your homework because this would make things easier for you. Find out the things that he likes, including the things that attracts him to a girl. This would give you something to talk about, not to mention, something that you can do together.

Win his friends' and family's approval.
You would make your man fall in love with you if you get along with him and the people who are most important to him. Make an effort to bond with his sisters, even his mom. Do something nice for him and his friends. Remember that these are the very people who can coax your guy to either stick with you or break up with you.

Be confident and keep things real.
Do not pretend to be someone that you are not in order to please him or just to get along with him. Be confident about who you are as it's better for him to find out who you really are from the onset. Men just hate being lied to so it's better to come clean right from the very beginning.

Never act crazy around him.
Even if you are already head over heels in love, keep your cool and do not act as if you are a crazy, lovesick person when you are with him. Also, do not do anything that would make him feel as if he is your property, like calling him several times each day or making demands. Remember that men run away on the first sign of emotional imbalance!

Show him that you have a good heart.
You can never go wrong if you have a good heart. You will be loved, not just by your man but also, by the people who surround you. Being truly kind and warm will make you a people magnet so you wouldn't even have to worry about making him fall in love with you.

Be there for him when he needs you the most.
Once he sees that you are someone dependable, one who is always there for him, he would surely want to be with you for a long time. Make sure to sacrifice your time each moment that he needs you.

Sexuality in Marriage (Bring Sexual Harmony Back and Make Her Feel Like a Queen)

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Almost every couple is ashamed to admit that they have lack of sexuality in marriage. According to family counselors, marriage is the only thing that improves by the age but unfortunately most couples facing unhappy long term marriages without even attempting to improve it. Many sexual experts believe that it is all because couples (mostly men) fail to balance their identities. Deep inside men, their prime desire is to stay dominant in relationships but their passionless lives put their wives in dominant positions most of the time.

Here are few quality suggestions to bring sexual harmony back in your life and make her feel like a queen.

1. Values Keep Sexual Harmony Alive In Marriages.

Your value is the single most important thing that can make your partner appreciates you for who you truly are. Value in relationship keeps the sexual harmony alive. If you are not getting the value or appreciation then it is the time to earn it. A valuable man always has a special grace that makes him a knight with shining armor. When a woman sees your values she does thoughtful things for you and continues to do so as long as you keep your values high.

If you want to be a valuable man then stay away from self assertion, conflict, bitchery and insecurities because these things creates deadly distance in relationships and makes you a vulnerable person. Do not misunderstand me here, conflicts are normal and definitely a part of life but never see those conflicts as a sign of an unhappy marriage. The best simple thing you can do, for keeping your value high, is to bring out her feminine identity by appreciating and motivating her. Motivation is one of the strongest things that put you in authority, keep your value high and maintain sexuality in marriage. Focus on those things which she does for you rather than quarreling on other crap. As experts said, "You can change you whole view by only changing the lenses." A wife is always a very special part of your life. The longer you are in relationship or married, the better you can make her feel like a queen.

2. Tremendous Impact Of Environment.

Your environment can create tremendous impact in your marriage. It is essential that your environment provides loving and harmonious feelings. When women, specially your wife, explore and experience the harmonious feelings around you, positive loving feelings escalate quite automatically. Unfortunately, even the most loving men fail to surround themselves with positivity. If you truly care about your marriage, you should begin to show eroticism, love, harmony and sexuality in your environment. This will make your woman open her heart for you with full range of loving feelings.

Your home can make a major difference in your living. The question you need to ask yourself is how do you feel in your own environment? Your woman will do thoughtful things for you if she feels lovable in home. Make sure that you use floral or black color pillows with matching bed sheets. Red curtains with soft yellow light bring eroticism in your room. Light is not only exclusive to yellow. You can also use blue light for soothing atmosphere. Put candles in your room for making your room warm and organized. Affection is a human emotion. Also, your wife needs special kind of affection from you. So it is the time to give her a beautiful painting as a surprise gift. As a rule, you can never expect to be the greatest lover by doing affectionate things only once. In addition, your affectionate contributions will break the boredom barriers of your relationship and make her see you as her hero. If you can not afford luxurious goods then let your partner get cherished with your artistic surroundings. Men who have artistic homes always attract women because artistic homes provide women a reflection of who you are.

3. Sexuality In Marriage.

Understanding the sexuality in marriage is, of course, very important. Women have got more sexual feelings under their hood than men. In fact, they always want to make love lusciously, wildly, all the day long and entire night. Unfortunately, almost every woman undergoes harsh examinations in her marriage. Harsh examinations in her marriage bring out more of her masculine than her feminine identity. After few years of marriage, she becomes emotionally vulnerable when she feels that you do not care about her anymore. Your unsupportive behavior makes her feel like those objects that are thrown out of home or given to some charity.

This is not only about sexuality in marriage. It is about fulfilling sexual fantasies, strengthening emotional connection and understanding her extreme sexual needs. Women love sex. Even as a woman, they have more erotic fantasies than man. If once you master the art of creating lust inside her, that she can not control herself, you will become her sexual god. If you typically make love at night, then it is time to bring back the eroticism at day. Change your patterns and treat her like your hot girl friend. Break the routine, be the aggressor in your relationship. In long term marriages, women have wild fantasies. Each one is hornier than the next. Understand her psyche about sexual fantasies. Dominate her like her master and put dangerous feelings inside her. Make her feel that you are going to fuck her whether she like it or not. Use your masculine groaning while treating her roughly. In sex sessions, women require a masculine man who can demonstrate his authority on them. Also, according to sexual experts, your sexual authority keeps the sexuality in marriage alive.

Sex and Lingerie - Dressing Sexy For Your Spouse

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Everybody knows that when you look good, you feel good. While clothes don't make the man, they certainly can make the man act differently. People that dress professionally for work, in a suit and tie, tend to act more professionally. When people are dressed formally for an event, they tend to act more formally. So it stands to reason that if you dress sexily, you will feel sexier. When you feel sexier, you are more likely to act sexually, which can lead to some pretty interesting times in bed. Using sexy lingerie is a great way to improve your marriage sex.

Everybody wears underwear. Whether plain cotton and utilitarian or silk and lace, almost everyone is wearing something else underneath it all. You may not realize it, but many times, wearing sexy underwear can be enough to make someone act and feel entirely differently than they would in the exact same outfit, worn with plain "granny panties" or "tightie whities". It is like having your own little sexy secret that you can keep to yourself or share with your mate, all day long. Getting up in the morning, putting on a sexy bra and undies or sexy silky boxers can be enough to get you in the mood to make love with your spouse later. Letting your spouse know what sexy lingerie you have on under your clothes can get them turned on and ready for you too!

Sexy lingerie is not limited to just what we wear under our normal clothing though. There are wonderful teddies, naughty nighties and all sorts of fantasy lingerie that you can purchase and wear for yourself and your spouse. Looking sexy for one another is a great way to improve your marriage sex. While garter belts and fishnet stockings may not be practical for everyday wear, they certainly can add excitement to an evening spent in. For some people, seeing their mate wrapped in sexy lingerie is just the enticement that they need to want to start hungering to unwrap them.

Sex is equal parts mental and physical stimulation. Sexy lingerie is a great way to get the mind as turned on as the body may already be. If your spouse is used to seeing you in everyday underwear and boring pajamas, then breaking out something sexy every once in a while can be just what it takes to make sex that much more intense and exciting. If you dress sexy, you will feel sexy and that translates to much hotter sex!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What Makes a Guy Fall in Love? Some Surprise Clues You Might Not Know

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Would you like to learn what it takes to make a guy fall in love? Do you have a really special guy in mind? Do you feel clueless when it comes to guys and their emotions? Even if you want a guy who, in your mind, is unattainable, learning these clues and putting them in use can possibly make him yours. Continue reading to learn some the reasons why guys fall in love, and some tricks for making him yours.
A lot of women think that men are only out for sex. This is a myth. While there will always be boys who are only interested in putting notches on their bedposts, many men would actually prefer to be in a loving, healthy relationship. But they're men, of course, so they will not say no to you if you offer up sex very early into the relationship. We all know that sex can complicate matters very quickly, often stopping the progressing relationship dead in its tracks.
By delaying a physical relationship, focusing instead on developing an emotional connection, you have the best chance of making a guy fall in love. This is because guys are looking for a great friend and life partner, not someone whose only purpose is to heat up their bed. Being friends-laughing, having fun, doing activities well outside the bedroom-will help you bond with him, forming a foundation that is stronger than physical attraction.
You should also work on building mutual admiration and respect. Sincerity is key here. Don't hide who you are or pretend to be something that you're not; that is absolutely untenable in the long run. If there is nothing beyond your looks that he admires about you, then the relationship will not last. Physical sparks might flare up excitingly during the first part of your relationship, but the fire will die if you have nothing to keep it going. By showing him your compassionate side, your intelligence, your winning personality, your engagement with life, you will help keep the sparks flying between you.
Another clue to making him fall in love is maintaining an open channel of communication. Communication is a key to a lasting relationship. Girls who play games, or send mix messages about their feelings well beyond the initial flirtation, are a turn-off. On the other hand, if he believes that you are bring genuine and sincere with your intentions, then he will be more apt to let his guard down. The closer he is to you, emotionally as well as physically, the more ready he will be to fall in love

Sunday, June 13, 2010

How to Know If He Loves You! Here is How to Know Whether a Guy Truly Loves You Or is Playing Around

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When your guy tells you he loves you but you are having doubts about his true motives, you shouldn't feel bad because you are the type who just wants to make sure. It is better to be sure if he is saying the truth, especially if you have been hurt in the past. You must know how to read your man's actions in order to really find out if he is true to his words.
He wants to be with you all the time Your man would want to always be around you when he truly loves you. If your man spends a lot of time with you, even at the expense of his normal routine like being with his friends or going to the gym, you shouldn't have any doubt that he loves you.
He is interested in knowing people around you A man truly loves his girlfriend if he wants to be part of her life by getting to know the people close to her. If your man wants to get to know your family, cousins, and even your friends, this means he wants to be involved with everything that concerns you.
He makes you a priority, even over his friends or work A man is truly in love when he makes you his number one priority. He doesn't care if he isn't able to prioritize his work or his close friends. What is important if he makes being with you or doing something for you the most important agenda in his life.
He calls you several times a day, just to ask how you are If you two aren't together, he is thinking about you a lot when you notice how often he calls you or texts you in a day. He just wants to know how you are and how you are doing.
He wants to become a better man because of you Some guys are moved by love and are motivated to become a better person because of it. If your man is making extra effort to be close to his parents again because you told him to, or doing an act of kindness because he is inspired by you, this means he truly loves you.
He enjoys talking with you You truly know that a guy is in love with you if he enjoys your conversations. If you notice that your guy loves conversing with you and loves hearing your thoughts, this means he is enjoying hearing you out and he would love to hear more about you.
He is there for you, anytime you need him If you suddenly need help with something, even though it is not that important and he is there beside you in a flash, you know that he would do anything for you. You need to see that he is someone who loves you so much that he is willing to drop whatever he is doing just to help you out.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Make Your Woman Achieve Mind - Blowing Orgasms Each Night - Here is How to Do it! Read This!

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Helping a woman achieve orgasm can be a man's best thing in life that he does sexually for his partner. Without the ability of people to achieve orgasm, there is a tendency to have all that rage stay pent up inside, and this can cause quite a problem for women who find themselves yelling, screaming, and getting frustrated as a result of their not being able to achieve an orgasm. If women can't achieve orgasm, is undoubtedly your fault, and she will want to seek retribution in some sort of way, even if it's subconscious. Don't berate yourself if you feel that you're not a natural pleasure giver. Simply use natural hand exercises at home to increase the length of your penis so that it can fill more of the vaginal area and make sure that the hand exercises cover premature ejaculation too. These steps should dramatically increase orgasm potential.
Women need a good 20 minutes of sexual foreplay before even being able to reach orgasm. If you don't give women the sexual satisfaction that they need, they will be annoyed that you can't make them feel as good as they make you feel. The trick is to make sure that you engage in a lot of foreplay before beginning the sexual intercourse and penetration mechanism itself. This can really get the girl in the mood to orgasm and overcome her natural sense to wait to orgasm. If you both go in at the same time, and you ejaculate in 2 minutes, then your partner will still be left without any orgasm potential. This can be extremely damaging and annoying for your partner. Work on natural hand exercises at home that can improve your orgasm potential and seek to overcome your difficulties with crafty maneuvers that enhance your ability to last long in the bed.
Another technique that men may want to take advantage of is to insert them fully into the vaginal area instead of just going in for a certain amount. Women want to feel the full amount of your penile unit, and they will achieve climax if they can feel you all the way inside them.
So the basic gist of it is to last long and go strong. You'll want to in for the full way and also last a long time by overcoming your premature ejaculation problem with simple hand exercises at home.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ways to Get a Guy Hard! Super Easy Ways You Can Use to Get a Guy Hard and Turn Him on Fast

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There are different ways to turn a man on and make him wild with desire for you. Just as you want to keep him interested in you forever, you should learn some tricks that will give you an advantage and an edge. Here are some ways to keep him wanting you.
Get intimate with him He is not going to desire you if he is too tired and stressed out after a hard day's work. Help him to relax first and get rid of the tensions that will inhibit him. Once you do that you can start getting intimate with him by massaging his shoulders and back. Ease his stress away with loving strokes and get him to be aware of you and your sexy body.
Be spontaneous and adventurous A woman who is bold and daring enough to try out new ways to excite her man will always be successful in turning him on. This spontaneity is what will keep the relationship strong and alive. He will always be curious and excited to know what she has in store for him.
Talk dirty Talking dirty to a guy is the fasted way to make him want you bad. It is every man's fantasy to hear his woman whisper those words he longs to hear. It is okay to be naughty and tease your man. However if you try this out in public - he might just take you straight home to bed!
Look sexy and tantalizing Your clothes can make all the difference to turning him on! Don't expect him to be turned on if you lounge around in baggy tee shirts and loose unflattering clothes. Wear clothes that leave nothing to the imagination when you are alone with him. Buy sexy lingerie and give him a treat!
Take care of your body Have a body that will make him lust for you. Exercise daily and keep those muscles firm. Wear clothes that show off your figure and prove that you want to look lovely for him. He will appreciate your efforts and every time he gets a look at your trim and alluring body - he will want you desperately.
Build the sexual tension between you You can do this by showing your man your legs, cleavage etc. Let him begin to look forward to an exiting time with you later on. Break the touch barrier and keep caressing him from time to time. Speak intimately to him and dot your sentences with kisses. He will get mad with desire for you.
A body massage will do the trick Once you get him to relax and rub off all the tension from his shoulders and back, a sensuous body massage will make it easier to get intimate with him and build excitement. You will be able to discover new ways and techniques by following your gut instincts and intuition to excite a man.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tips to Give a Female an Orgasm - Simple and Effective

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Most men are constantly on the lookout for tips on how to give a female an orgasm, it does not matter if you are 21 or 71, when you are in a relationship you want your sexual encounters to be mind blowing, and one of the best love making secrets i can tell you is "if you can get your partner to orgasm during sex", then the chance of your lovemaking being red hot and very satisfying will be very high to say the least.
So,What are the tips to give a female an orgasm?
One of the secrets of lovemaking is to make sure that your partner is relaxed and is feeling comfortable in what they are about to do sexually.
I can't stress this enough, that one of the main tips to give a female an orgasm, is to make her feel self confident in herself, and if you can manage to achieve this you will be well on the way to giving your female partner a mind blowing orgasm.
So, How do you make her feel relaxed and self confident?
The best way to make her feel relaxed is by showing lots of affection. Most woman crave affection and by doing the simple things like telling her how much you love her and by paying her compliments on her looks and body will work wonders.
Just by implementing these simple tips will have a unbelievable affect on her confidence and will in turn have your partner feeling relaxed and totally self confident in herself,which alone is one of the best love making secrets, and one of the best tips to give a female an orgasm.
So, How exactly do you give her a orgasm?
Out of all the tips on how to give a female an orgasm,the one regarded by most experts as the most important is, lots of foreplay.I,am sure you have probably heard this before,but I can assure you the experts are right. Most woman will not have an orgasm through intercourse alone so by having prolonged periods of foreplay and spending time to experiment with her body is the sure fire way to cause orgasm.
The next time you have sex try the following:
Try to make foreplay last for at least 30 minutes - your partner will love it and in return will have her totally relaxed and in the mood for sex
Constantly pay her compliments on her body and don,t forget to tell her how much you love her.
Give her oral sex - one of the best tip to give a female an orgasm is to give her plenty of oral sex.
Try different positions - Sexual positions like doggy style will give your partner a better chance of orgasm.
If you can stick to what has been mentioned in this article, then your partner will be having the orgasm she has always craved, and will love you for it, not only that, you will realize that you have just discovered one of the main tips to give a female an orgasm, and that is something for you to be proud of.

2 Mind Blowing Tips! Bring Your Woman to Screaming Orgasms With These 2 Mind Blowing Tips

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When thinking about what it is about your sexual partner that makes you crazy, the thought has to revert back to the fantastically-created orgasms that you granted her or helped her with attaining. There are two favorite techniques that will leave your partner screaming for more that we can discuss right here and now. While these techniques and sexual tips are not anything new under the sun they need to be re-examined as the ability to make a woman have an orgasm is number one in many men's books of things to do while in the bed.
No Special Tools and No Certain Positions
The first steps we will talk about are definitely one of the best ways to have a mind-blowing orgasm and do it with relative ease. There are no special tools and no certain positions that only a contortionist or a circus performer could possibly get into. These are just two of the most favorite techniques and tips for leaving your partner crumpled on the bed wet and quivering and wondering what just hit her? All the while you are racing off to the bathroom getting the famous towel to do a little housecleaning! You are the man and she will know it and if she doesn't know it that doesn't matter because her screams will tell a longer tale and the one she either can fess up to or her actions will.
• The Ability to Control one's Thrusting Motion is an All Important Mind Blowing Tip
• The Comfortability Factor to Emotional Responses and Proactive Measures Cannot be Under Valued
Those two tips will be the initiations of some great nights of sex for both you and your partner in days and years to come. Please think about what it was that attracted you to your mate many years ago or even a few months ago? Since sex is 50% physical, 50% emotional, give or take a few percentage points either way, ignoring or selecting to ignore or trying to ignore that emotional issue as part of a sexual experience is a big no-no. Women are tuned into both emotional responses and physical touch while in the sexual arena so you will not get away with anything slick and underhanded here.
Controlling one's Thrusting Motion
This first aspect that we can talk about for leading up to an orgasmic night of sexual pleasure is controlling one's thrusting motion. You not want to be a Johnny Jumper and act like a human jackhammer all the time! The ability to be a human construction tool for 2 to 5 minutes is important but usually comes much later in the sexual night of fancy. In order to elicit a great orgasm for her, which is the number one goal of sex regardless of what we men egotistically and at times tyrannically attempt to shelve, you need to shelve the role of self-interest, if only for a couple hours. The deep-thrusting motion can be initiated near the end and it is one of the most important tools that can be used to elicit both an end to the sexual gratification or a night with an explosive orgasm or just to fill a heightened sense of passion during sex.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Testosterone is a male hormone which plays a vital role in a man’s health and sexuality.

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Testosterone is a male hormone which plays a vital role in a man’s health and sexuality. Its production is dependent on zinc and vitamin B and although it is not found directly in the food we eat, certain foods can lead the body to produce more of it.
Testosterone is highly important for both men and women. However, men produce around 40 to 60 times more testosterone than women. Normally, testosterone levels in men are about 30% higher in the morning than at night time. This may explain why men are more interested in sex in the morning and is part of the reason for spontaneous morning erections.
Increase Virility Naturally with Testosterone
Increase Virility Naturally with TestosteroneLow testosterone levels decreases libido, increases the loss of muscles and bone density but most importantly, it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Between 8-12 million men have low or borderline low testosterone levels...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Secret Strategy That Makes Men Fall in Love Every Time

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Have you ever wondered why it seems to take so much to make men fall in love? Have you ever wondered what men really need in order to fall in love in the first place? Have you ever found yourself wishing there was a more effective way to make men fall in love with you? The secret to making a man fall in love is as simple as understanding the way he thinks. With just a little bit of knowledge about male psychology, you too can possess the secret power to make men fall in love with you ever time.
Although men are undeniably sexual creatures, they're still human, which means they're often looking for the same thing in a partner that you are. Men want to find mates who are fun and enjoyable to be around, partners who they connect with on emotional and intellectual levels, partners who they can be open and honest around.
While men may seem more afraid of commitment than you are, they're really just cautious. Men want to know that they've actually found a person they're attracted on an intimate level (instead of simply on a physical level) before they decide to commit themselves wholly to a relationship. In a relationship, a man is looking for someone with whom he can happily spend the rest of his life. The last thing a man wants is to make a mistake by committing himself to someone who makes him miserable.
The reason why it takes men so long to fall in love is that it takes them time to get to know you completely. Although women may feel big, overwhelming sparks of love, men find their feelings of love inside the little details. It may be the way your hair curls over your face when you're asleep, or the way you stir milk into your coffee, or any number of seemingly insignificant things that make you unique. Regardless of how silly his little endearments may be, they ultimately factor into his idea of you. And for a man to fall in love with you, he needs to have a very clear idea of who you are.
If you're currently struggling to earn a man's love inside a new romance, there's one strategy you can take to speed up the process of getting to know each other - and consequentially, to speed up the process of making him fall in love with you. This secret is simple. It's all about sprinkling on the old spice of life: variety.
Instead of dating in the traditional manner, where the two of you may go out and have one big, inclusive experience like a dinner or a movie, try arranging a whole series of mini-dates. Instead of spending a lot of time at one place, briefly engage in a series of little activities. In each venue you visit, through each different experience the two of you share, you give him the chance to see a different side of you. For a man, falling in love is the cumulative end of experience, so give him as much experience of you as possible.
If there really is a sincere connection between you and this man, the faster he gets to know you, the sooner he'll realize whether or not he's in love with you. After that, you're golden. If you can get to the point of making him realize he's in love with you, his love for you thereafter will only grow. And that's how to make a man fall in love.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Make Your Man Love You - With Easy Steps

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Do you want to be able to make your man love you? Are you looking for easy steps that will make him yours? Are you tired of being the only one to love in your relationships? You have within you the ability to make him yours. You only need to be able to follow the easy steps that will get the job done. Change your world and make your man love you.

Women move much faster in a relationship then a man. However, you want him to be comfortable. When he is comfortable in the speed of the relationship he will also relax and let down his guard. This is important to make him love you. So relax in the speed of the relationship and keep him feeling comfortable.

Touch his emotions.
You want to make sure that you are making him feel good, emotionally. This is a whole lot harder than touching him physically or making him feel good physically, but it is very important. You want him to feel good about being with you, you want him to spend more time with you, and you want him to long for still more time together. To make this happen you will want to have fun with him, learn about his interests, and support him.

Become his best friend.
Another important thing you can do to make your man love you is to become his friend. This will take time, but in the end is well worth it. This is what will lead you into the future and take your relationship to new heights. It is also what will let your relationship survive the hard times.

If you can do these three things you will be able to make your man love you. They are easy steps and well worth your time and energy. They will get him feeling more comfortable in your relationship and will make it so that he is enjoying the process of falling in love as well!