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Friday, April 2, 2010

Tips to Give a Female an Orgasm - Simple and Effective

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Most men are constantly on the lookout for tips on how to give a female an orgasm, it does not matter if you are 21 or 71, when you are in a relationship you want your sexual encounters to be mind blowing, and one of the best love making secrets i can tell you is "if you can get your partner to orgasm during sex", then the chance of your lovemaking being red hot and very satisfying will be very high to say the least.
So,What are the tips to give a female an orgasm?
One of the secrets of lovemaking is to make sure that your partner is relaxed and is feeling comfortable in what they are about to do sexually.
I can't stress this enough, that one of the main tips to give a female an orgasm, is to make her feel self confident in herself, and if you can manage to achieve this you will be well on the way to giving your female partner a mind blowing orgasm.
So, How do you make her feel relaxed and self confident?
The best way to make her feel relaxed is by showing lots of affection. Most woman crave affection and by doing the simple things like telling her how much you love her and by paying her compliments on her looks and body will work wonders.
Just by implementing these simple tips will have a unbelievable affect on her confidence and will in turn have your partner feeling relaxed and totally self confident in herself,which alone is one of the best love making secrets, and one of the best tips to give a female an orgasm.
So, How exactly do you give her a orgasm?
Out of all the tips on how to give a female an orgasm,the one regarded by most experts as the most important is, lots of foreplay.I,am sure you have probably heard this before,but I can assure you the experts are right. Most woman will not have an orgasm through intercourse alone so by having prolonged periods of foreplay and spending time to experiment with her body is the sure fire way to cause orgasm.
The next time you have sex try the following:
Try to make foreplay last for at least 30 minutes - your partner will love it and in return will have her totally relaxed and in the mood for sex
Constantly pay her compliments on her body and don,t forget to tell her how much you love her.
Give her oral sex - one of the best tip to give a female an orgasm is to give her plenty of oral sex.
Try different positions - Sexual positions like doggy style will give your partner a better chance of orgasm.
If you can stick to what has been mentioned in this article, then your partner will be having the orgasm she has always craved, and will love you for it, not only that, you will realize that you have just discovered one of the main tips to give a female an orgasm, and that is something for you to be proud of.

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