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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Want a Boyfriend? Signs He Wants to Be Your Boyfriend - More Than Just Friends

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Sometimes we seek a romantic mate endlessly when he's just right there all along, wanting so badly to change from just a friend to something more. The following signs tell you that this is definitely the case:

1. A special name for you

He's started to call you in a special way, from 'babe', to 'sweetheart' to 'angel', to 'chip-monk' to any other cute special name. You may have already reciprocated this or you may not. If you have not started to call him in a special way yet, and you like the guy, then next time he calls you that sweet special way you can simply return the kindness, casually, with a smile.

2. He calls you more. His calls, texts, emails are much more frequent than before. You seem to talk each other much more often and you both seem to really enjoy it (at least he seems to really enjoy it!). No particular reasons, it could be about anything going on during the day to what's on TV. But the conversations are very pleasant and never boring.

3. Physical gestures. Even if you two touched before, it was just as friends but now the touches seem to be gentler or more significant. For example, all of a sudden he's trying to hold you hands or caress your face. The gestures are sweet and kind.

4. He's extremely interested in your love life.

He's started to be really curious about your love life, if you are seeing someone, if you like someone, what type of guy you like, do you like blondes or dark-haired (and so on), and any similar type of questions. If you are seeing someone, he may say bad things about him, try to put him down, or he may just appear to be upset or moody about it.

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