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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Outcomes Of Orgasmic Failure In Women

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Women are complex human beings and men need to treat them with all respect. Men must love and respect their women. When women are properly satisfied with their men in bed, they go all out to respect and love with all they have. Husbands who satisfy their wives can testify that their wives will always want to share something with them even if is very small.
Sex be complete only if both partners are okay with themseves. Husbands and wives are put together through the act of sex. Men who abuse sex, always have problems with their marriage. You can only have positive sex with your wife. Husbands and wives must both talk about sex so that where one is weak, the other can help.
A woman's failure to have an orgasm is as unnatural and as gloomy as is a man's. It is perhaps even a greater failure since she is perhaps better equipped for this phenomenon than the male. The clitoral system, most of which lies hidden underneath the genital area, is generally larger than the penis, its male equivalent. The tiny clitoris itself is only the small exterior periscope. Fifteen or twenty percent of all women are capable of having multiple orgasms at each session while the man only one. His single orgasm concludes the act but not necessarily for her.
A woman who does not have an orgasm, because of male ineptitude, will suffer psychological harm as well as physical upset from unrelieved congestion of the genitalia. Such continuous frustration can have a serious effect upon her psyche, character and well-being.
The underlying cause must be frankly discussed.


Anonymous said...

'The underlying cause must be frankly discussed.'

Well, first one has to find this cause and it can be very hard to do so.


Love said...

It's duty to find out

Anonymous said...

I agree but I have been looking for it for 2 years and now I am just hopeless.

Love said...

You don't have to be hopeless. Are you a male or female? Kindly tell me the nature of the problem u are encountering, I will help out. State your details. You can write to me personally: When writing quote this reply for reference as I attend to various people on daily basis