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Friday, December 17, 2010

Aesthetics of Unconditional Love

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In the present day world, people often use the term 'Love' at various stages in their life. The thing to ponder is that do they all really know the true meaning of love? Are they all aware of its magical power? Do they what does that express? Or is it just a four letter word of a dictionary?

In the olden days, love was definitely a source of strength, compassion, and bonding. People then used to live with the truth and purity of this beautiful emotion, a sense of belonging, and a relationship that was unconditional and selfless. Sadly, people now have forgotten the true meaning and are using the term for their own selfish needs.

Two unknown people tie together in wedding and take vows to be with each other in all situations of life. They together start a new journey of life but just one stone on their way, they leave hands. Vows, promises, and love - all take a backbench when trials and tribulations hit from even one end. Increasing cases of divorce in the present era speaks this truth. If this is true, then is it love?

There are so many love marriages taking place these days. Before marriage couples sing to their love, dance to all melodies, and live happily making long term plans and promises of living together for seven births. As soon as they are tied into the wedding knot, all love vanishes. Before marriage they live in the world of fantasy but when reality creeps in, they fail to face it and then their so called love becomes a burden for them. Can this be called love

In short, the definition, the meaning, essence, and aesthetics of love have all changed over the period of time. The emotion has become just a small word in the dictionary with no value and significance in any human life. However, there are few people who still believe in the magic of this feeling.

In reality, love is much more beyond words can explain and hearts can express. It is an unconditional and selfless feeling someone feels for the other person. When it is true, there are no demands, no expectations, and no justifications. It is absolutely pure, someone giving his or her life at service for no reason. It is a joy felt when the other person is happy and a pinch in the heart when the other is sad. It is never about how much the other person loves but how much he or she is loved.

Love, when enters life transforms everything, making the world around beautiful and colorful. It is a beautiful feeling that ties the strings of two hearts. With closed eyes, the most beautiful experience or moment of life can be seen. What can be more beautiful than the moments spend in love?

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