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Monday, December 27, 2010

How Do I Know If He Will Commit to Me-Signs of a Truly Serious Guy

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Every girl wishes that the guy she's currently dating would offer her a long-term commitment. If you're eager to know whether or not your man would commit, here are ways to find out:
He's not afraid to talk about settling down.
Why would he be scared to talk about something that he looks forward to? Any guy who openly talks about marriage, settling down, and even growing old with you is a guy that's truly serious about you.
You're clearly a part of his future.
This guy will verbally confirm that he wants you to become a part of his future. In fact, you do not make up just a tiny portion of that future - you're the main star in it!
He is mindful of your plans.
When this guy is talking about his future plans, he doesn't go about telling you about his dream house, or his preferred number of children; he makes sure that you also tell him about your thoughts of these plans and whether you agree or not. And if you want something else, he'll also seriously consider your desires.
He asks you to become his exclusive date.
He finally introduces you as his girlfriend and he proudly takes you everywhere with him. No living soul is left uninformed that the two of you are now an item. He also stops dating other women because he wants the two of you to be an exclusive couple.
He requests that you take him to your folks.
Yet another sign that he's going to commit anytime soon is when he wants to be introduced to the most important people in your life. Getting into your inner circle isn't something that a player would want to venture into - keep that in mind.
He discusses financial with you.
A man who is serious about you will let you into one of the most private areas of his life - his finances. Once he asks for your opinion on any financial decision, then you're deep into his life and it won't be long before he'll finally get down on his knee to propose to you.
You're his number one priority.
This guy will want to spend most - if not all - of his time with you. He will also forgo any exciting activities just so he could be with you. He will also make sure that you're always happy when you're with him. This is because he couldn't allow a single tear to fall on those cheeks - you're just too important to him.

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