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Friday, December 24, 2010

Relationship Advice - Don't Get Your Love Advice From Friends Unless They Have A Great Relationship

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Relationship advice does work. But, how effective it is, depends on where you get the advice. If you are asking for relationship tips from your friends and their relationships are less than desirable, then following that advice will only lead to more relationship problems.
If you want to mend the problems that are plaguing your relationship, you need to seek advice that is tried, tested and proven with real world experience. Go and actively seek people who have great relationships.
Look around you, who are the people who have a super great relationship? Ask them for advice on how to improve your present situation. If they've been married awhile, they should be able to give great marriage advice.
If your dealing with a long distance relationship issue, you need to get advice on how to keep the romance alive despite the distance. Many couples face this situation on a daily basis because of work and manage to keep their relationship strong. They do work if you put the time into making them work.
Great advice is available if you are willing to seek it out and act upon it. If you just get advice but fail to take action on it or fail to implement it, you are just wasting your time and do not seriously want to improve your situation

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