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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to Get a Man to Move From Casual to Committed

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Very few women are okay with casual dating. Most of them believe that if a man doesn't commit, there must be something wrong. If you want to snap out of casual dating and turn your relationship into something more long-lasting, here's how to make him commit:

Let him behold your beauty.

Men will always be admirers of physical beauty. This is, in fact, the very first aspect that made them attracted to any woman. So if you want him to commit to you, at least prove to him that you'd always look pretty for him.

Have a mind that enthralls.

Being beautiful is good but what's more admirable is for a woman to possess an intelligent mind. Let him know that you just don't have a pretty face but also a brain that would make many girls give up because you're obviously the best.

A woman who can make heads turn can be quite common - look at all the supermodels on runways. But what would make you stand out from a room that's full of equally beautiful women? Be constantly self-assured and never let a moment of anger take away your pleasant demeanor.

Have a pleasing persona.

You must have the necessary virtues in a woman - honesty and faithfulness. Men don't want treacherous women and so you must prove to him early on in your relationship that you're not the type who would have two or three boyfriends all at the same time.

Restrain any negative emotion.

Showing anger and frustration is quite normal for any human being - what's wrong is if you let these things overpower you. If you start yelling or demeaning your man, then he has just seen what you would constantly be in two to three years. If you want him to commit, then let him see that you are always in control of your feelings.

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