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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Do Men Want in a Potential Wife - Solid Guidelines Every Woman Out There Must Follow

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Men have different expectations and look for varied number of things while thinking of a life partner. Most men like a woman who is a total package, someone with looks, intellect, a career and a super mom material. Though the initial criteria could be a good looking woman, they do look for things far deeper.
Emotionally stable and positive person
Men prefer woman with a positive attitude towards life and one that has cheerful and a happy personality. They feel that a woman's temperament has an influence on the house and if she radiates warmth and positive energy, the house has an energized atmosphere. On the other hand if she is sad or a depressing person it spreads negative energy in the house.
A confident woman
In modern times men are essentially drawn to woman who are self assured and can take care of themselves in the competitive world. Whether it is at home or at the work place, they would like the woman who can deal with the challenges effectively and calmly.
Someone with mental compatibility
One of the attributes men consider in a woman is whether or not she is on the same plane mentally. They would like their wife to be aware of current issues and with whom they can hold intelligent and stimulating conversation.
A career woman
A big plus point for men is when the woman is career oriented. Whether or not she can contribute financially to build their life together, someone who can share the burden is also important. In today's demanding world a woman with a focus and goals is an attractive proposition.
A woman with beauty
Men are first attracted to the physical beauty before they get to know their woman better. That, they want a good looking women for their wife is a no brainer, each man has his own expectations of what they like in their woman.
A woman's motherly instincts
Dating helps to know and understand each other better and men who are interested in long term relationship are looking for the feminine traits in their woman who can be a good mother to their children. Motherliness is a trait all men would like to see in a woman.
Woman's spiritual side is a big plus
Many men are drawn to women who are devout and have belief and respect for the omnipresent God. It gives them the strength of character and makes them stable and balanced person. Men believe that it makes them a better person too when they have a wife who is a believer.

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