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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Secret Strategy That Makes Men Fall in Love Every Time

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Have you ever wondered why it seems to take so much to make men fall in love? Have you ever wondered what men really need in order to fall in love in the first place? Have you ever found yourself wishing there was a more effective way to make men fall in love with you? The secret to making a man fall in love is as simple as understanding the way he thinks. With just a little bit of knowledge about male psychology, you too can possess the secret power to make men fall in love with you ever time.
Although men are undeniably sexual creatures, they're still human, which means they're often looking for the same thing in a partner that you are. Men want to find mates who are fun and enjoyable to be around, partners who they connect with on emotional and intellectual levels, partners who they can be open and honest around.
While men may seem more afraid of commitment than you are, they're really just cautious. Men want to know that they've actually found a person they're attracted on an intimate level (instead of simply on a physical level) before they decide to commit themselves wholly to a relationship. In a relationship, a man is looking for someone with whom he can happily spend the rest of his life. The last thing a man wants is to make a mistake by committing himself to someone who makes him miserable.
The reason why it takes men so long to fall in love is that it takes them time to get to know you completely. Although women may feel big, overwhelming sparks of love, men find their feelings of love inside the little details. It may be the way your hair curls over your face when you're asleep, or the way you stir milk into your coffee, or any number of seemingly insignificant things that make you unique. Regardless of how silly his little endearments may be, they ultimately factor into his idea of you. And for a man to fall in love with you, he needs to have a very clear idea of who you are.
If you're currently struggling to earn a man's love inside a new romance, there's one strategy you can take to speed up the process of getting to know each other - and consequentially, to speed up the process of making him fall in love with you. This secret is simple. It's all about sprinkling on the old spice of life: variety.
Instead of dating in the traditional manner, where the two of you may go out and have one big, inclusive experience like a dinner or a movie, try arranging a whole series of mini-dates. Instead of spending a lot of time at one place, briefly engage in a series of little activities. In each venue you visit, through each different experience the two of you share, you give him the chance to see a different side of you. For a man, falling in love is the cumulative end of experience, so give him as much experience of you as possible.
If there really is a sincere connection between you and this man, the faster he gets to know you, the sooner he'll realize whether or not he's in love with you. After that, you're golden. If you can get to the point of making him realize he's in love with you, his love for you thereafter will only grow. And that's how to make a man fall in love.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Make Your Man Love You - With Easy Steps

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Do you want to be able to make your man love you? Are you looking for easy steps that will make him yours? Are you tired of being the only one to love in your relationships? You have within you the ability to make him yours. You only need to be able to follow the easy steps that will get the job done. Change your world and make your man love you.

Women move much faster in a relationship then a man. However, you want him to be comfortable. When he is comfortable in the speed of the relationship he will also relax and let down his guard. This is important to make him love you. So relax in the speed of the relationship and keep him feeling comfortable.

Touch his emotions.
You want to make sure that you are making him feel good, emotionally. This is a whole lot harder than touching him physically or making him feel good physically, but it is very important. You want him to feel good about being with you, you want him to spend more time with you, and you want him to long for still more time together. To make this happen you will want to have fun with him, learn about his interests, and support him.

Become his best friend.
Another important thing you can do to make your man love you is to become his friend. This will take time, but in the end is well worth it. This is what will lead you into the future and take your relationship to new heights. It is also what will let your relationship survive the hard times.

If you can do these three things you will be able to make your man love you. They are easy steps and well worth your time and energy. They will get him feeling more comfortable in your relationship and will make it so that he is enjoying the process of falling in love as well!