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Friday, April 2, 2010

Tips to Give a Female an Orgasm - Simple and Effective

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Most men are constantly on the lookout for tips on how to give a female an orgasm, it does not matter if you are 21 or 71, when you are in a relationship you want your sexual encounters to be mind blowing, and one of the best love making secrets i can tell you is "if you can get your partner to orgasm during sex", then the chance of your lovemaking being red hot and very satisfying will be very high to say the least.
So,What are the tips to give a female an orgasm?
One of the secrets of lovemaking is to make sure that your partner is relaxed and is feeling comfortable in what they are about to do sexually.
I can't stress this enough, that one of the main tips to give a female an orgasm, is to make her feel self confident in herself, and if you can manage to achieve this you will be well on the way to giving your female partner a mind blowing orgasm.
So, How do you make her feel relaxed and self confident?
The best way to make her feel relaxed is by showing lots of affection. Most woman crave affection and by doing the simple things like telling her how much you love her and by paying her compliments on her looks and body will work wonders.
Just by implementing these simple tips will have a unbelievable affect on her confidence and will in turn have your partner feeling relaxed and totally self confident in herself,which alone is one of the best love making secrets, and one of the best tips to give a female an orgasm.
So, How exactly do you give her a orgasm?
Out of all the tips on how to give a female an orgasm,the one regarded by most experts as the most important is, lots of foreplay.I,am sure you have probably heard this before,but I can assure you the experts are right. Most woman will not have an orgasm through intercourse alone so by having prolonged periods of foreplay and spending time to experiment with her body is the sure fire way to cause orgasm.
The next time you have sex try the following:
Try to make foreplay last for at least 30 minutes - your partner will love it and in return will have her totally relaxed and in the mood for sex
Constantly pay her compliments on her body and don,t forget to tell her how much you love her.
Give her oral sex - one of the best tip to give a female an orgasm is to give her plenty of oral sex.
Try different positions - Sexual positions like doggy style will give your partner a better chance of orgasm.
If you can stick to what has been mentioned in this article, then your partner will be having the orgasm she has always craved, and will love you for it, not only that, you will realize that you have just discovered one of the main tips to give a female an orgasm, and that is something for you to be proud of.

2 Mind Blowing Tips! Bring Your Woman to Screaming Orgasms With These 2 Mind Blowing Tips

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When thinking about what it is about your sexual partner that makes you crazy, the thought has to revert back to the fantastically-created orgasms that you granted her or helped her with attaining. There are two favorite techniques that will leave your partner screaming for more that we can discuss right here and now. While these techniques and sexual tips are not anything new under the sun they need to be re-examined as the ability to make a woman have an orgasm is number one in many men's books of things to do while in the bed.
No Special Tools and No Certain Positions
The first steps we will talk about are definitely one of the best ways to have a mind-blowing orgasm and do it with relative ease. There are no special tools and no certain positions that only a contortionist or a circus performer could possibly get into. These are just two of the most favorite techniques and tips for leaving your partner crumpled on the bed wet and quivering and wondering what just hit her? All the while you are racing off to the bathroom getting the famous towel to do a little housecleaning! You are the man and she will know it and if she doesn't know it that doesn't matter because her screams will tell a longer tale and the one she either can fess up to or her actions will.
• The Ability to Control one's Thrusting Motion is an All Important Mind Blowing Tip
• The Comfortability Factor to Emotional Responses and Proactive Measures Cannot be Under Valued
Those two tips will be the initiations of some great nights of sex for both you and your partner in days and years to come. Please think about what it was that attracted you to your mate many years ago or even a few months ago? Since sex is 50% physical, 50% emotional, give or take a few percentage points either way, ignoring or selecting to ignore or trying to ignore that emotional issue as part of a sexual experience is a big no-no. Women are tuned into both emotional responses and physical touch while in the sexual arena so you will not get away with anything slick and underhanded here.
Controlling one's Thrusting Motion
This first aspect that we can talk about for leading up to an orgasmic night of sexual pleasure is controlling one's thrusting motion. You not want to be a Johnny Jumper and act like a human jackhammer all the time! The ability to be a human construction tool for 2 to 5 minutes is important but usually comes much later in the sexual night of fancy. In order to elicit a great orgasm for her, which is the number one goal of sex regardless of what we men egotistically and at times tyrannically attempt to shelve, you need to shelve the role of self-interest, if only for a couple hours. The deep-thrusting motion can be initiated near the end and it is one of the most important tools that can be used to elicit both an end to the sexual gratification or a night with an explosive orgasm or just to fill a heightened sense of passion during sex.