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Thursday, July 1, 2010

What Makes a Guy Fall in Love? Some Surprise Clues You Might Not Know

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Would you like to learn what it takes to make a guy fall in love? Do you have a really special guy in mind? Do you feel clueless when it comes to guys and their emotions? Even if you want a guy who, in your mind, is unattainable, learning these clues and putting them in use can possibly make him yours. Continue reading to learn some the reasons why guys fall in love, and some tricks for making him yours.
A lot of women think that men are only out for sex. This is a myth. While there will always be boys who are only interested in putting notches on their bedposts, many men would actually prefer to be in a loving, healthy relationship. But they're men, of course, so they will not say no to you if you offer up sex very early into the relationship. We all know that sex can complicate matters very quickly, often stopping the progressing relationship dead in its tracks.
By delaying a physical relationship, focusing instead on developing an emotional connection, you have the best chance of making a guy fall in love. This is because guys are looking for a great friend and life partner, not someone whose only purpose is to heat up their bed. Being friends-laughing, having fun, doing activities well outside the bedroom-will help you bond with him, forming a foundation that is stronger than physical attraction.
You should also work on building mutual admiration and respect. Sincerity is key here. Don't hide who you are or pretend to be something that you're not; that is absolutely untenable in the long run. If there is nothing beyond your looks that he admires about you, then the relationship will not last. Physical sparks might flare up excitingly during the first part of your relationship, but the fire will die if you have nothing to keep it going. By showing him your compassionate side, your intelligence, your winning personality, your engagement with life, you will help keep the sparks flying between you.
Another clue to making him fall in love is maintaining an open channel of communication. Communication is a key to a lasting relationship. Girls who play games, or send mix messages about their feelings well beyond the initial flirtation, are a turn-off. On the other hand, if he believes that you are bring genuine and sincere with your intentions, then he will be more apt to let his guard down. The closer he is to you, emotionally as well as physically, the more ready he will be to fall in love