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Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to Make a Man Fall in Love and Keep Him - He Won't Leave You As Long As You Follow These Tips

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Some say that it is difficult to make a man fall for you, more so if you want to keep him or make him yours forever. However, if you know the techniques and if you have the skills to make him crazily in love with you, then this would just be an easy task. Know these skills and you'll have him eating in the palm of your hand.

Always present your most beautiful self.
When your man is physically attracted to you, then it means that you are one step ahead in making him fall for you. Always try to look your best all the time, even when you are having a not-so-good day.

Take time to find out some info about him.
Never forget to do your homework because this would make things easier for you. Find out the things that he likes, including the things that attracts him to a girl. This would give you something to talk about, not to mention, something that you can do together.

Win his friends' and family's approval.
You would make your man fall in love with you if you get along with him and the people who are most important to him. Make an effort to bond with his sisters, even his mom. Do something nice for him and his friends. Remember that these are the very people who can coax your guy to either stick with you or break up with you.

Be confident and keep things real.
Do not pretend to be someone that you are not in order to please him or just to get along with him. Be confident about who you are as it's better for him to find out who you really are from the onset. Men just hate being lied to so it's better to come clean right from the very beginning.

Never act crazy around him.
Even if you are already head over heels in love, keep your cool and do not act as if you are a crazy, lovesick person when you are with him. Also, do not do anything that would make him feel as if he is your property, like calling him several times each day or making demands. Remember that men run away on the first sign of emotional imbalance!

Show him that you have a good heart.
You can never go wrong if you have a good heart. You will be loved, not just by your man but also, by the people who surround you. Being truly kind and warm will make you a people magnet so you wouldn't even have to worry about making him fall in love with you.

Be there for him when he needs you the most.
Once he sees that you are someone dependable, one who is always there for him, he would surely want to be with you for a long time. Make sure to sacrifice your time each moment that he needs you.

Sexuality in Marriage (Bring Sexual Harmony Back and Make Her Feel Like a Queen)

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Almost every couple is ashamed to admit that they have lack of sexuality in marriage. According to family counselors, marriage is the only thing that improves by the age but unfortunately most couples facing unhappy long term marriages without even attempting to improve it. Many sexual experts believe that it is all because couples (mostly men) fail to balance their identities. Deep inside men, their prime desire is to stay dominant in relationships but their passionless lives put their wives in dominant positions most of the time.

Here are few quality suggestions to bring sexual harmony back in your life and make her feel like a queen.

1. Values Keep Sexual Harmony Alive In Marriages.

Your value is the single most important thing that can make your partner appreciates you for who you truly are. Value in relationship keeps the sexual harmony alive. If you are not getting the value or appreciation then it is the time to earn it. A valuable man always has a special grace that makes him a knight with shining armor. When a woman sees your values she does thoughtful things for you and continues to do so as long as you keep your values high.

If you want to be a valuable man then stay away from self assertion, conflict, bitchery and insecurities because these things creates deadly distance in relationships and makes you a vulnerable person. Do not misunderstand me here, conflicts are normal and definitely a part of life but never see those conflicts as a sign of an unhappy marriage. The best simple thing you can do, for keeping your value high, is to bring out her feminine identity by appreciating and motivating her. Motivation is one of the strongest things that put you in authority, keep your value high and maintain sexuality in marriage. Focus on those things which she does for you rather than quarreling on other crap. As experts said, "You can change you whole view by only changing the lenses." A wife is always a very special part of your life. The longer you are in relationship or married, the better you can make her feel like a queen.

2. Tremendous Impact Of Environment.

Your environment can create tremendous impact in your marriage. It is essential that your environment provides loving and harmonious feelings. When women, specially your wife, explore and experience the harmonious feelings around you, positive loving feelings escalate quite automatically. Unfortunately, even the most loving men fail to surround themselves with positivity. If you truly care about your marriage, you should begin to show eroticism, love, harmony and sexuality in your environment. This will make your woman open her heart for you with full range of loving feelings.

Your home can make a major difference in your living. The question you need to ask yourself is how do you feel in your own environment? Your woman will do thoughtful things for you if she feels lovable in home. Make sure that you use floral or black color pillows with matching bed sheets. Red curtains with soft yellow light bring eroticism in your room. Light is not only exclusive to yellow. You can also use blue light for soothing atmosphere. Put candles in your room for making your room warm and organized. Affection is a human emotion. Also, your wife needs special kind of affection from you. So it is the time to give her a beautiful painting as a surprise gift. As a rule, you can never expect to be the greatest lover by doing affectionate things only once. In addition, your affectionate contributions will break the boredom barriers of your relationship and make her see you as her hero. If you can not afford luxurious goods then let your partner get cherished with your artistic surroundings. Men who have artistic homes always attract women because artistic homes provide women a reflection of who you are.

3. Sexuality In Marriage.

Understanding the sexuality in marriage is, of course, very important. Women have got more sexual feelings under their hood than men. In fact, they always want to make love lusciously, wildly, all the day long and entire night. Unfortunately, almost every woman undergoes harsh examinations in her marriage. Harsh examinations in her marriage bring out more of her masculine than her feminine identity. After few years of marriage, she becomes emotionally vulnerable when she feels that you do not care about her anymore. Your unsupportive behavior makes her feel like those objects that are thrown out of home or given to some charity.

This is not only about sexuality in marriage. It is about fulfilling sexual fantasies, strengthening emotional connection and understanding her extreme sexual needs. Women love sex. Even as a woman, they have more erotic fantasies than man. If once you master the art of creating lust inside her, that she can not control herself, you will become her sexual god. If you typically make love at night, then it is time to bring back the eroticism at day. Change your patterns and treat her like your hot girl friend. Break the routine, be the aggressor in your relationship. In long term marriages, women have wild fantasies. Each one is hornier than the next. Understand her psyche about sexual fantasies. Dominate her like her master and put dangerous feelings inside her. Make her feel that you are going to fuck her whether she like it or not. Use your masculine groaning while treating her roughly. In sex sessions, women require a masculine man who can demonstrate his authority on them. Also, according to sexual experts, your sexual authority keeps the sexuality in marriage alive.

Sex and Lingerie - Dressing Sexy For Your Spouse

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Everybody knows that when you look good, you feel good. While clothes don't make the man, they certainly can make the man act differently. People that dress professionally for work, in a suit and tie, tend to act more professionally. When people are dressed formally for an event, they tend to act more formally. So it stands to reason that if you dress sexily, you will feel sexier. When you feel sexier, you are more likely to act sexually, which can lead to some pretty interesting times in bed. Using sexy lingerie is a great way to improve your marriage sex.

Everybody wears underwear. Whether plain cotton and utilitarian or silk and lace, almost everyone is wearing something else underneath it all. You may not realize it, but many times, wearing sexy underwear can be enough to make someone act and feel entirely differently than they would in the exact same outfit, worn with plain "granny panties" or "tightie whities". It is like having your own little sexy secret that you can keep to yourself or share with your mate, all day long. Getting up in the morning, putting on a sexy bra and undies or sexy silky boxers can be enough to get you in the mood to make love with your spouse later. Letting your spouse know what sexy lingerie you have on under your clothes can get them turned on and ready for you too!

Sexy lingerie is not limited to just what we wear under our normal clothing though. There are wonderful teddies, naughty nighties and all sorts of fantasy lingerie that you can purchase and wear for yourself and your spouse. Looking sexy for one another is a great way to improve your marriage sex. While garter belts and fishnet stockings may not be practical for everyday wear, they certainly can add excitement to an evening spent in. For some people, seeing their mate wrapped in sexy lingerie is just the enticement that they need to want to start hungering to unwrap them.

Sex is equal parts mental and physical stimulation. Sexy lingerie is a great way to get the mind as turned on as the body may already be. If your spouse is used to seeing you in everyday underwear and boring pajamas, then breaking out something sexy every once in a while can be just what it takes to make sex that much more intense and exciting. If you dress sexy, you will feel sexy and that translates to much hotter sex!