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Friday, December 17, 2010

Aesthetics of Unconditional Love

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In the present day world, people often use the term 'Love' at various stages in their life. The thing to ponder is that do they all really know the true meaning of love? Are they all aware of its magical power? Do they what does that express? Or is it just a four letter word of a dictionary?

In the olden days, love was definitely a source of strength, compassion, and bonding. People then used to live with the truth and purity of this beautiful emotion, a sense of belonging, and a relationship that was unconditional and selfless. Sadly, people now have forgotten the true meaning and are using the term for their own selfish needs.

Two unknown people tie together in wedding and take vows to be with each other in all situations of life. They together start a new journey of life but just one stone on their way, they leave hands. Vows, promises, and love - all take a backbench when trials and tribulations hit from even one end. Increasing cases of divorce in the present era speaks this truth. If this is true, then is it love?

There are so many love marriages taking place these days. Before marriage couples sing to their love, dance to all melodies, and live happily making long term plans and promises of living together for seven births. As soon as they are tied into the wedding knot, all love vanishes. Before marriage they live in the world of fantasy but when reality creeps in, they fail to face it and then their so called love becomes a burden for them. Can this be called love

In short, the definition, the meaning, essence, and aesthetics of love have all changed over the period of time. The emotion has become just a small word in the dictionary with no value and significance in any human life. However, there are few people who still believe in the magic of this feeling.

In reality, love is much more beyond words can explain and hearts can express. It is an unconditional and selfless feeling someone feels for the other person. When it is true, there are no demands, no expectations, and no justifications. It is absolutely pure, someone giving his or her life at service for no reason. It is a joy felt when the other person is happy and a pinch in the heart when the other is sad. It is never about how much the other person loves but how much he or she is loved.

Love, when enters life transforms everything, making the world around beautiful and colorful. It is a beautiful feeling that ties the strings of two hearts. With closed eyes, the most beautiful experience or moment of life can be seen. What can be more beautiful than the moments spend in love?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why You Keep Ending Up With The Wrong Girls - Find The Right One Before It's Too Late

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Do you find yourself continually ending up with the wrong women? For some reason it starts off fine, but it just ends miserably. Or maybe, you guys just clash on every issue? Or worst of all, just being with her makes you feel down? Sometimes you can't even pinpoint whats wrong but you just have that feeling that something is.
For example, if you travel a lot and you're with a woman who needs a lot of attention, then you're with the wrong woman. You need to find a girl who's in a alignment with your goals.

This doesn't mean that you need to find someone who's exactly like you. You just need someone who understands you and is able to support you.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Reasons Behind Cheating in Relationships

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Is your husband spending less time at home? Is he always lying to you? Did your friends saw him with another woman? Are you wondering why he is cheating on you? There's a line that goes, "Men are cheats and liars". This is not true to all men but most of the men nowadays are. This is no surprise as there are many divorce cases where the root cause of the separation is the cheating of the husband.
If boyfriends can cheat than why can't husbands? They are all men after all and sometimes, one can almost say that it is probably their nature. But, it is not true because most of time, men cheat because they are not happy with their partners or they are receiving less affection. Men have needs and it has to be provided. Below are some reasons why many men have affairs and cheat behind their partner's back.

He is not Getting Affection:
Although men are from mars and they are seen as strong individuals, they will always need care from women. Their partners should always be there to support them and stay behind them in whatever they do. In relationships where the woman is always busy and rarely gives an effort to show her care and love to her man, the man will look for someone who can give him care and affection. Men are like little boys and there is always a time where all they want is to be cuddled in a woman's embrace. Not getting enough affection is one reason why men have affairs with other women.

Man has Needs :

It is the nature of man to have needs sexually and the woman has to provide it. There are relationships that fail because the man and woman no longer spend time in bed because of their busy life. No matter how much the husband loves his wife but his wife cannot give him his carnal needs, he will always look for it from someone else. Sex is important in every relationship and so men have affairs if they are not having any sex with their partners.

Misunderstanding in a relationship and Frequent Fights:

Who would want to be in a relationship where there's supposed to be love and care but instead, hate dominates? It is a woman's nature to be noisy and sometimes a nagger. Men will easily get tired in a relationship where their partners will always fight with them. Instead of getting love and care after a tiring day at work, all they get at home is noise and fight and so they will tend to go somewhere else and look for somebody who will not fight with him and understand him.

Women's lack of trust:

There are times when women are always accusing their men of things they never do and the woman don't hear out his explanations. No matter how much he tries to prove his innocence and honesty, if the woman never believes him, he will get tired. Thus, men have affairs because they are tired with all the blames and lack of trust from his partner so he might as well find someone who will trust him and accept him.

What Do I Have to Do in Order to Keep My Man Always Happy?

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Start looking crappy and he'll be looking away:
Keeping a guy happy can be very easy. It begins by looking good for him and, of course, yourself. You have to show him that you do exert extra effort to look good and please him.

Flirt each day of your life:
Being together doesn't mean becoming easy on your courtship. Remember that you have to court your man, too. Be sensual, use your body to your advantage. Send him sensuous text messages, tease him, make him want you each day of his existence.
Respect is at the very top of each man's list:
More than being a good cook or being a great bedroom mate, a man needs to feel that he is being respected by the woman that he loves.
Show how thoughtful you are:
Although they won't admit to being mushy inside, men are actually suckers for women who give them little gifts every now and then.