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Friday, December 24, 2010

Relationship Advice - Don't Get Your Love Advice From Friends Unless They Have A Great Relationship

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Relationship advice does work. But, how effective it is, depends on where you get the advice. If you are asking for relationship tips from your friends and their relationships are less than desirable, then following that advice will only lead to more relationship problems.
If you want to mend the problems that are plaguing your relationship, you need to seek advice that is tried, tested and proven with real world experience. Go and actively seek people who have great relationships.
Look around you, who are the people who have a super great relationship? Ask them for advice on how to improve your present situation. If they've been married awhile, they should be able to give great marriage advice.
If your dealing with a long distance relationship issue, you need to get advice on how to keep the romance alive despite the distance. Many couples face this situation on a daily basis because of work and manage to keep their relationship strong. They do work if you put the time into making them work.
Great advice is available if you are willing to seek it out and act upon it. If you just get advice but fail to take action on it or fail to implement it, you are just wasting your time and do not seriously want to improve your situation

Learn To Communicate Better With Your Partner - Learn To Listen More Effectively

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Have you ever been talking to someone about something important to you and realized they were not listening to a thing you had said? That really stinks and I am sure we have all experienced that at some point. American Law expert and founder John Marshall once said "To listen well is as powerful a means of communication and influence as to speak well.
One of the biggest problems in relationships is that people have stopped listening to one another.
Unfortunately for most people they have forgotten they were given two ears and only one mouth, they like to speak much more than they like to listen. Listening is the most overlooked part of the communication process. So how can you become a better listener:
Give  your partner your undivided attention. Put aside your text messages, books, and other distractions and focus on what the other person is saying. It has been shown in studies that people who "multi-task" actually have a net loss. What I mean is that the brain can only work on one thing at a time and with multi-tasking it is just jumping between the things rapidly. When you focus on one thing, for instance someone who is speaking to you, and save the other things for later you get more efficient use of your brain's power.

When you become a better listener you become better at  your relationship. Especially the relationship that matters most which is the one with the partner that you love the most.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to Get a Man to Move From Casual to Committed

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Very few women are okay with casual dating. Most of them believe that if a man doesn't commit, there must be something wrong. If you want to snap out of casual dating and turn your relationship into something more long-lasting, here's how to make him commit:

Let him behold your beauty.

Men will always be admirers of physical beauty. This is, in fact, the very first aspect that made them attracted to any woman. So if you want him to commit to you, at least prove to him that you'd always look pretty for him.

Have a mind that enthralls.

Being beautiful is good but what's more admirable is for a woman to possess an intelligent mind. Let him know that you just don't have a pretty face but also a brain that would make many girls give up because you're obviously the best.

A woman who can make heads turn can be quite common - look at all the supermodels on runways. But what would make you stand out from a room that's full of equally beautiful women? Be constantly self-assured and never let a moment of anger take away your pleasant demeanor.

Have a pleasing persona.

You must have the necessary virtues in a woman - honesty and faithfulness. Men don't want treacherous women and so you must prove to him early on in your relationship that you're not the type who would have two or three boyfriends all at the same time.

Restrain any negative emotion.

Showing anger and frustration is quite normal for any human being - what's wrong is if you let these things overpower you. If you start yelling or demeaning your man, then he has just seen what you would constantly be in two to three years. If you want him to commit, then let him see that you are always in control of your feelings.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tips to save your marriage

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Are you that person who stayed wakeful at night worrying about in case your relationship will really last... and how you might actually save your marriage?

Break-ups or divorces mostly happen if the strains of marriage life definitely get too much. The effect that many troubled marriage will surely have on the 2 people will affect your emotional, personal and social life together with those of your sons or daughters, should you have any.

Whenever you truly feel that your marriage is in jeopardy, you might need to question yourself these following concerns:

#1 - if you could possibly change everything with regards to your husband or wife, just what would be the 2 most significant things you most probably change right away?

#2 - if you could possibly correct nearly anything regarding yourself, exactly what would be the two most significant concerns you would like to change right now?

#3 - in case your wife or husband could possibly alter everything about yourself, what precisely would be the 2 most crucial things you consider he or she needs you to definitely change at this point?

To save a marriage, you must be prepared to fully grasp and take note of the problems that your husband or wife might want to cope with. Many of the relationship factors that married couples face may consist of money issues, problems on raising the children, minimal communication, concerns with closeness and confidence breakdown. Be sure to preserve the communication options unblock and ensure always to have a straight-forward conversation.

It's always beneficial to know if there are actually differences between your concerns and also those of your better half. Your wife or husband may start thinking about that physical affection for being the focal point, whereas you might be more concerned about the financial difficulties that threaten your marriage relationship.

Marital relationship challenges are placed into a numerous opinion when there is simply no serious option but to remedy them. We are blessed that all of us live in the moment when we have options concerning the course of their everyday life. As for marriage relationship problems, it is advisable to solve all of them if this can be achieved, particularly if there are kids involved.

Communication is the magic formula to any or good marriage relationships. Many married people are drawn to each other initially due to their likeness or harmony within their conversation styles. Several marriage experts propose that married couples need to have a consistent 'date' together. And as soon as the couple have kids, the normal 'date' must become more significant than ever.