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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Secrets to Lasting Longer and Making Your Partner Orgasm Each and Every Time You Have Sex!

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Women and men's sexuality aren't tied together in perfect unity. This is because women take 20 minutes or more to achieve orgasm, and men take 3 minutes to 10 minutes to achieve awesome orgasms. Furthermore, women can go on after multiple orgasms, but men tend to stop after one.
There are simple exercises that men must engage in to overcome their natural fallibility with their orgasm duration. Men need to stop and consider that women will leave an inadequate sexual relationship, or they will at least feel somewhat heartbroken and unsaturated by such unfulfilling fumblings in the sac. Basically, if women like they're always getting cut out of having a good orgasm, you need to do some exercises to work on your premature ejaculation so she doesn't feel out of tune with your orgasms.
The trick to stopping premature ejaculation is to work on the PC muscle. This muscle is similarly controlled to any other muscle in your body, and your orgasms can be directly controlled through this muscle. Forcing your PC muscle to respond to your desires can guarantee a good time in bed and assure your wife of having no premature ejaculation.
You might be familiar with the PC muscle already because it is used to stop the flow of pee when you are urinating in the toilet. Sometimes, men may need to stop the flow of urination for some abrupt event like someone walking in whereby they have to turn to their side. This is a common phenomenon, and it shows the potential of being able to control your PC muscle with your thoughts.  You can control the duration before you ejaculate with careful precision involved in manipulating your PC muscle, and this can be practiced time and time again with your thoughts

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Power of True Love

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A marriage is not possible without love or even if there is, the marriage will not last long. This has been a common case to individuals vowed by their parents and not by their own accord. It is really a different thing when the parents get in the way and decide for you. It may be hard for the parents to accept it, but you should decide on your own. You should choose the one you love so you must be brave to tell your parents your feelings because if not, you will end up being committed to a person you don't even love. It is not the parents that will suffer in this situation but it is you.
Trust is a key factor in having a successful married life. A relationship without this factor is nothing but trash. Arguments will occur often when a couple do not trust each other. It is because you will always doubt that your partner is not being faithful to you. In order for a couple to gain trust with each other, they should have communication. Allotting a certain amount of time for you to talk about your everyday experiences is a good exercise to gain trust to each other. You should also talk about problems you are facing in order for you to be able to materialize a solution for the problem.Not only will you gain trust but you will also understand each other. Communication can lead to knowing each others similarities and differences and also your weaknesses and strengths. Knowing all of these, you can help each other overcome your weaknesses and cope with your differences.
The best factor that affects good relationship is love. To think that even divorced people can still be reconciled, love is really very powerful. Love should be present in order to have a good and successful relationship. It is because if you really love a person, you will face even the strongest hurricanes just to be with the person you love. A marriage is said to be successful when love is in the midst of the two people involved. No matter what trials they face, still they stand firm and do not falter.
The power of love can really conquer anything. No matter what trials you will have to face, as long as there is love in your midst, they will be nothing but a piece of cake. A strong relationship is composed of good communication, trust to each other, and love. If you love a person very much and the feeling is mutual, only then can you trust. You can communicate with someone without loving her but it won't be that effective in a relationship. Everything can be ruined when even one of these factors is not present.
True love is really a powerful tool in maintaining a good relationship. Add it with trust and communication and everything will work out just fine.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What To Do If He's Not Ready to Get Married

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Maybe the first thing that comes to mind is that you've been waiting a long time (a year) and still he's not ready. Leave his sorry-___- but wait, that's really extreme and totally unfair and who needs a smart alec anyway?

How long have you been dating, living together and been engaged to marry? Engagements in the dark-ages lasted years, today if they go on for longer than two or three years it leaves you wondering what's really going on - with reason.
The exception to this is that you have both sat down and discussed honestly, with respect and love for one another, when a wedding might become a reality - for a lot of reasons, the least of all is your married sister keeps asking "when" and your mother continues to wring her hands in anticipation and with anxiety, "what if she gets pregnant" and you have to tell them something just to keep them from hounding you.
Guys are a funny lot, women have always known that (just as guys have always known that about women) - they do things a certain way and for a lot of different reasons. We'll try to look at a few of those here:

His career is just taking off and he want's to be certain he can afford a wife and family. When he is sure of his career choices and the direction these are taking him, he will be more in the right frame of mind to settle down.• There simply isn't enough money in savings to run a home, plan a wedding, take on the responsibility of a wife (and maybe a child from a previous union). That's a huge chunk to bite off and he's gathering his funds and making plans for the future. If he's a wise man, you know this because he has told you at least two or three times.
He's only twenty and not anywhere near ready to have an honest discussion regarding marriage and what that might be all about. He's still a babe and not ready for all of that. He's really only ready for dating a dozen girls - one doesn't work out maybe her best friend will - he can hardly get to class or his job on time yet and his mother still does his laundry.  He needs a baby-sitter not a wife.
The fact that your grandparents married when they were only nineteen, has no bearing on the marriage situations of today. Back in the "good-old days" that's what people did, got out of high school, married their high school sweetheart and had babies - it was the climate of the era... not so in 2010.
Probably the reason that's hardest to consider is that you just aren't the right one. He has a lot of fun with you, he enjoys sex with you, and he calls all the time. You're a habit he's formed and he's not ready to break the habit yet - so he strings you along with promises of a ring; maybe we can talk about it next year; I'm getting ready, just not yet.
If that's the case, and has been for a number of months, and your instincts tell you to honestly examine his reasoning and you feel about your relationship with him, perhaps it really is time to cut him loose and get on with your life.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Psychological Reasons for Infidelity

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When someone is unfaithful to their spouse, the first assumption is that they "can't keep it in their pants". The idea that a man or even a woman is incapable of being faithful due to the physical urge to have sex is a bit far-fetched though. Most infidelity is psychological in nature and stems from the expectations and needs that every human being has in a relationship. So, before making any assumptions, take the time to understand the psychological reasons for infidelity and how to deal with them before it becomes an issue.
Emotional Prominence
One of the most common psychological reasons for infidelity is the lack of prominence in a partner's life. If a spouse starts spending more time at work, with friends, or even with children, they feel neglected and unappreciated.
Not only do most people assume they are the most important part of their spouse's life, they want to feel important, and likely have felt important for many years since marriage. So, when that importance fades away, they look for someone else to bestow it upon them - and that often leads to an affair.
As we get older, our self-esteem can often take a hit, either because of the growing emotional rift between us and our spouse or because of physical aging and our perception of our bodies. As far as psychological reasons for infidelity go, self-esteem is near the top of the list. People want to feel attractive and when their spouse stops trying, they will look for someone else to bestow that mantle of beauty or masculinity on them.
This extends to physical interaction as well. When you stop having sex with your partner as often, they feel less important and less attractive. A sexually active relationship in an affair can bridge that gap.
Feeling Misunderstood
At the end of the day, every relationship is about communication and basic understanding. Being able to sit down and discuss your problems, compare notes, and understand how your spouse is feeling is one of the greatest parts of marriage. When that level of understanding falls apart or disappears completely, it leaves a big gap in a once healthy relationship. This can drive some men or women to find another who will understand them on the level they desire.
Finding a partner who you feel comfortable, happy, and safe with for the rest of your life is a tremendous moment. So, it can be heart breaking when you feel yourselves being pulled apart. Rather than letting these psychological causes of infidelity lead to a broken marriage, take action early to bridge the rift and get closer than ever.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Do Men Want in a Potential Wife - Solid Guidelines Every Woman Out There Must Follow

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Men have different expectations and look for varied number of things while thinking of a life partner. Most men like a woman who is a total package, someone with looks, intellect, a career and a super mom material. Though the initial criteria could be a good looking woman, they do look for things far deeper.
Emotionally stable and positive person
Men prefer woman with a positive attitude towards life and one that has cheerful and a happy personality. They feel that a woman's temperament has an influence on the house and if she radiates warmth and positive energy, the house has an energized atmosphere. On the other hand if she is sad or a depressing person it spreads negative energy in the house.
A confident woman
In modern times men are essentially drawn to woman who are self assured and can take care of themselves in the competitive world. Whether it is at home or at the work place, they would like the woman who can deal with the challenges effectively and calmly.
Someone with mental compatibility
One of the attributes men consider in a woman is whether or not she is on the same plane mentally. They would like their wife to be aware of current issues and with whom they can hold intelligent and stimulating conversation.
A career woman
A big plus point for men is when the woman is career oriented. Whether or not she can contribute financially to build their life together, someone who can share the burden is also important. In today's demanding world a woman with a focus and goals is an attractive proposition.
A woman with beauty
Men are first attracted to the physical beauty before they get to know their woman better. That, they want a good looking women for their wife is a no brainer, each man has his own expectations of what they like in their woman.
A woman's motherly instincts
Dating helps to know and understand each other better and men who are interested in long term relationship are looking for the feminine traits in their woman who can be a good mother to their children. Motherliness is a trait all men would like to see in a woman.
Woman's spiritual side is a big plus
Many men are drawn to women who are devout and have belief and respect for the omnipresent God. It gives them the strength of character and makes them stable and balanced person. Men believe that it makes them a better person too when they have a wife who is a believer.

Monday, December 27, 2010

How Do I Know If He Will Commit to Me-Signs of a Truly Serious Guy

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Every girl wishes that the guy she's currently dating would offer her a long-term commitment. If you're eager to know whether or not your man would commit, here are ways to find out:
He's not afraid to talk about settling down.
Why would he be scared to talk about something that he looks forward to? Any guy who openly talks about marriage, settling down, and even growing old with you is a guy that's truly serious about you.
You're clearly a part of his future.
This guy will verbally confirm that he wants you to become a part of his future. In fact, you do not make up just a tiny portion of that future - you're the main star in it!
He is mindful of your plans.
When this guy is talking about his future plans, he doesn't go about telling you about his dream house, or his preferred number of children; he makes sure that you also tell him about your thoughts of these plans and whether you agree or not. And if you want something else, he'll also seriously consider your desires.
He asks you to become his exclusive date.
He finally introduces you as his girlfriend and he proudly takes you everywhere with him. No living soul is left uninformed that the two of you are now an item. He also stops dating other women because he wants the two of you to be an exclusive couple.
He requests that you take him to your folks.
Yet another sign that he's going to commit anytime soon is when he wants to be introduced to the most important people in your life. Getting into your inner circle isn't something that a player would want to venture into - keep that in mind.
He discusses financial with you.
A man who is serious about you will let you into one of the most private areas of his life - his finances. Once he asks for your opinion on any financial decision, then you're deep into his life and it won't be long before he'll finally get down on his knee to propose to you.
You're his number one priority.
This guy will want to spend most - if not all - of his time with you. He will also forgo any exciting activities just so he could be with you. He will also make sure that you're always happy when you're with him. This is because he couldn't allow a single tear to fall on those cheeks - you're just too important to him.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The approach to take to make a man fall strongly in love with you

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When you want to make a man fall in love with you strongly then you have to ensure that you are prepared for some hard work and a methodical approach. Here are a few ways with which you can make sure that your man falls strongly in love with you.
Know what he wants from you
The first thing that you need to do to make a man fall strongly in love with you is to see and identify what he actually wants from you. Be sure that you have the qualities that he wants in his woman and if you don't then try to make space for that growth in your life. We all need to compromise and make allowances to make a relationship successful, so don't let your ego get in the way.
Show him your perceptive side
When you want a man to fall in love with you madly then you need to show him that you are a perceptive and intelligent woman and that you know what all he wants out of a relationship.
Make him feel like no one else does
Use your intelligence to see what he really likes and use that information to make him feel special. When you are able to make your man feel special then he feels like spending more time with you and ends up falling strongly in love with you.
Never make him crave for space
If you want a man to fall strongly in love with you then you need to make him feel like he is in a free relationship. Don't try to chain him down to yourself and don't try to dictate how he should or shouldn't act. If you give him his space in your relationship then he will fall deeply in love with you.
Be a fun loving and spontaneous person
Finally, your man has to have fun when he is with you. Learn to be upbeat and spontaneous and your man will fall deeply in love with you.