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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Difference Between You And the Women Who Get the Guy

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Can't figure out why you're not getting the guy?
It's an ongoing mystery many women have a challenge unravelling. Many things can impact your results, but I've narrowed it down to ONE. And, once you grasp this, it will have a positive impact in your current dating life. I promise, you'll never look back
So, the difference between YOU and women who get the guy is:
You have stopped yourself in a place they haven't.
Now, before you have a big reaction and start telling me that ""you don't understand" just hear me out on this. It really is this simple (as all genius observations tend to be!)
Those women have learned how to push through their fears. Whatever stopped you internally or externally has simply not stopped them. When you really get this, it can make such a difference with how fast you move forward and approach your soul mate attraction goals,
So let's look at how this happens...
Lets say you set your goals. For example: I'm going to make this the year I meet my man". That may mean attending a singles event or being open to meeting new men. Now, maybe in the past you've attended singles events and you didn't have a good time or perhaps you've had a string of "bad dates" the last few months. So you decide you want to avoid all that happening again and STOP right there.
Often, you may not even be conscious that's why you're stopping. You'll come up with a lot of creative excuses like: "men only want younger women"  or "all the good men are taken".
You need to be honest with yourself if you're making these types of excuses. The instant you do AND the instant you face the reality that you're scared of...
  1. Being humiliated,
  2. Rejected
  3. Getting hurt again'll be free forever!
So this week, I want you to focus on where are you stopping yourself? It's not procrastination. There's a very good chance there's something deeper you're avoiding. It's getting in the way and it's holding you back.
All you need to do is remember that the only difference between you and the women who "got the guy" is that they don't stop at that place. You need to find a way to keep going.
Be honest with yourself about why you're stopping and remember that you can't stop there! The truth is everything you want but don't have, lies outside of your comfort zone. If it was in your comfort zone, you'd already have it!
To get what you want, if you want a different set of results, you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  You have to do this time and time again in your love life and every area of your life.
Action Steps
  1. Get very honest about where you're stopping yourself
  2. Do whatever you need to do to breakthrough and do THAT thing that you've been avoiding.

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Prince Don Collins said...

The steps and advice you gave in the section "The difference between you and the women who get the guy" doesn't hold.