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Thursday, January 6, 2011

How Sexual Foreplay Can Improve Your Love Life

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For good sex, foreplay is very essential. It has been proven by many university studies that foreplay is something that people should be doing more of before moving on to the act of intercourse. Hot and heavy foreplay stimulates and arouses a woman's body. Her vagina will experience vaginal tenting, which creates additional room in the vagina. This results in more comfortable, and more pleasurable sex for the female. Stimulating sexual foreplay can excite and arouse the woman, which helps her to become more lubricated, thus allowing her to experience more enjoyable and satisfying sex.
Foreplay can help tremendously when a man is experiencing difficulty in achieving an orgasm. The excitement and stimulation that comes from sexual foreplay can make the man feel so hot excited, that he can be pleased much more easily.
A couple can also feel more closer and intimate when engaging in foreplay. The level of excitement and arousal can be extremely enhanced. An important part of sexual foreplay is passionate, hot and heavy kissing. It enhances the emotional connection and it can lead to some earth shattering stimulation.
Discuss Foreplay With Your Partner.
Nobody can ever know what their partner likes, especially between new couples. You need to sit down and talk about foreplay, and what turns you on. Not only do you learn more about what each other enjoys during sex, just the conversation itself can be a real turn on. Ask your partner where and how they like to be touched, how they like to be kissed, stroked, and caressed. It is best to discuss this outside of the bedroom, so you do not let passion get in the way of your conversation, thus giving you something that you can both look forward to.
Sexual foreplay will enable you and your lover to be more connected both emotionally, and physically, and it will definitely improve your sex life. You will both become more comfortable with one another and get considerably more pleasure out of sex. It will improve the love you share for each other and bring your love life to new heights that you never thought that you could ever achieve.

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