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Thursday, January 6, 2011

How To Be A Romantic Husband Even After Many Years Of Marriage

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Every woman longs for a husband who is as romantic as he was on their first date even after years of marriage. Sadly, only a lucky few are blessed with this gift. Most men seem to part company with that elusive thing called 'romance' almost as soon as the honeymoon phase is over. It is almost like, 'Okay, now that I have got the girl, let's get on with the business of life'. So, while the husband may have been the roses-moonlight-candlelit dinner sort during the first year, things start sliding downhill soon after. Of course, not all men follow that slippery route to sure self-destruction, but most very definitely do so. No getting around that fact. The end result? A fairly dissatisfied wife and a wide open chasm yawning between the two of you.
That's not to say that the onus of being romantic falls completely on the man's already-burdened shoulders. But, let's face it. Surveys have revealed time and again that almost ninety percent of women prefer their husbands to be sweetly romantic.
When a man is being romantic, it tells her something that she longs to know. A reassurance that she is still attractive, desirable and that you aren't regretting having exchanged the vows with her. Let's put it this way. A simple squeeze of her hand when she's tense can do wonders to her mood than any amount of soothing words. A loving call in the middle of a hectic work day can be an instant mood lifter. A woman does not want you to scale great heights or buy her loads of expensive presents. Her needs are very basic really. A hug, a kiss, and a heartfelt compliment - it is enough to keep her going for a long while.
So, that brings us to the basic question: How to be romantic even when years of marriage have laid bare every secret, every mole and wart, every sinus attack, every cellulite inch and every bad, things-flinging mood? The answer is: don't stop loving her inspite of all this. Just because she burnt your toast or ironed the wrong shirt doesn't mean you start looking up divorce lawyers. Or the fact that she has dropped the diva act and become a normal woman again. You didn't marry a mannequin perched on a pedestal; you married a real flesh-and-blood woman who has her good days along with her off days like any other person.
This needs to be on your checklist if you want to know how to be a romantic husband even after years of marriage:
1. Respect her as a person first and foremost. It is the basis for a strong and enduring relationship.
2. Don't forget red-letter days - birthdays and anniversaries. No rocket science here to understand why.
3. Try to remember the small things - they mean a lot to her.  kissing her before going and after returning from work; doing impromptu acts of romance and madness (an email to tell her how much you are missing her even though you are in the next room); returning on time for an important dinner party and so on.
4. Be imaginative and creative in the gift-giving department. Ditch the cards and flowers routine if you have been doing it like a predictable grandfather clock year after boring year. Surprise her with some handmade gifts instead.
5. Pamper her - physically, emotionally and mentally. Listen to her patiently when she's upset about a work colleague. Make her feel beautiful, particularly when she's having a lousy day and feels she looks like something the cat dragged backwards through the hedge. Your unconditional love and support can be a huge source of strength for her. Yes, women love men for a whole lot of complex reasons.
6. Ditch the macho guy image once in a while. Let her have a peek into your softer, sensitive side and you'll be surprised at how connected the two of you feel after that.
A woman who is truly deeply loved and cherished radiates a glow that no expensive anti-aging creams can deliver. Once she is convinced that when it comes to you, she figures on the top of your priority list, she'll blossom. Not among the top five, but right there on Mount Everest. And you get to reap the benefits of all that feel-good factor that's pervading her being!

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