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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Love Tips for Men - Why Nice Guys Have Such a Hard Time Making a Woman Fall in Love

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It gets said again and again by nice guys all around the world that women just don't seem to fall in love with them as much as they do the "bad boys." It almost gives you the impression that you cannot be a nice guy if you want to make a woman love you. Is this really true?
For most guys that describe themselves as being the classic "nice guy," it IS true for them. However, it does not have to be true. There are things that you can do that will help you get past the usual rejection that usually comes up and you CAN be more than just friends with a woman even if you are a nice guy.
Here are some reasons why nice guys have such a hard time at love and some tips on how you can change that for yourself:
1. Nice guys just try way too hard.
Most women have the impression that love is just supposed to happen. They really do believe that it just happens. So, what happens when they see that you are trying too hard? They begin to think that it must be not right, since it is clear that you are trying too hard. The way to get around this is to ease up a bit. Not only will you avoid that objection that it's just "not right," you will also take a lot of pressure off of yourself which will allow you to be more comfortable and come across as being more "real."
2. Nice guys do nothing to challenge a woman.
When you never challenge a woman, when you never make her think or never make her feel like she has to try and win you over, you disrupt the natural order of things. Don't be afraid to challenge a woman, whether it is challenging her opinions and ideas, or if it is challenging her by making her do some of the work to try and impress YOU.
3. They usually end up acting more like a friend than they do a boyfriend.
For some reason, guys usually end up thinking that starting off as a friend to a woman must be the secret to making her fall in love with them. What you have to realize is that even though this does sometimes happen, it is a rarity and not the norm. More often than not, if your focus is friendship first, then that is how she will always end up thinking about you. You have to cross the line between friendship and being more than a friend.

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