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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Man Loves You - How to Know If He's Into You

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Have you ever wondered why someone does things that are somewhat unusual? Have you been wondering if perhaps a man loves you? Are you still thinking of ways to determine if he is indeed in love with you?
Women often have hard times figuring out why guys act strange and sweet all of a sudden. While others having speculations on this matter, you are left hanging without end results. And it bothers you even more on how you should respond to what they do. Now you may sleep soundly at night and conclude if in fact a man loves you. Here's how.
He respects you.
Guys love to brag and tease people regardless of the gender. As for this instance, if he respects every part of you or defends you from anything, then he might probably love you. There will also come times when he compliments your dress or even your look.
He calls for your attention.
If a man loves you, he'll do everything simply to catch your attention. Guys may act a little strange and may annoy you at times, but it only shows that they have something hidden in their actions. Your natural feeling about this will actually give you the healthy signs of him being in love.
He yells at you whenever you do something reckless and stupid.
If you think he's just concerned as your friend, you are wrong. If it comes to a point where he actually yells over you for something you've done to hurt yourself, then you are wrong with your thoughts of him being just a friend. A friend never screams or gets angry when you've done something that harmed you. In fact, they often laugh at your stupidity and just let you hurt yourself more. This is certainly something you frequently ignore because you think he's just concerned. Well he is, but in a different way. Something different that gives you the biggest sign to know if a man loves you.

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