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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Premature Ejaculation Solutions For Men-what you can do to prevent embarrassment

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Suffering from premature ejaculation is incredibly embarrassing. Most men have gone through it, and many men continue to struggle with it no matter how many times they've had sex.
There are answers, some of which are so simple that you will have wished you've used them long ago. And some of the best and most effective solutions will work right away.
Let's look at these immediate solutions so we can eliminate any potential embarrassment that may occur in the near future:
1. Excite Her Beforehand. Think of sexual intimacy as going from A to Z. You start out at point A, excitement builds and eventually ejaculation occurs at point Z. Unfortunately for men, we naturally tend to get to the end of the alphabet very quickly while the woman is still at the beginning. So before we start our A-B-C's we need to give the woman a head start first by stimulating her beforehand. Get her A-B-C's rolling first. Try to get her to the middle of the alphabet with foreplay before actual sex. Then when you engage in actual sex, she will be much closer to point Z than you are, and you can enjoy experiencing orgasm at the same time.
2. Control Your Mind (and your body will follow). Premature ejaculation stems mostly from men not being able to control their mind. It get's cluttered with insecurity, nervousness, anxiety, and over excitement. This is a recipe for sexual embarrassment to occur. The best premature ejaculation solutions will address this issue and recommend you control your mind through confidence. Focus on being the man who pleases the woman. You are the pleasure giver and you will provide ultimate pleasure to your lover. Think of her and view your own insecurities as petty and meaningless. Seriously, this one shift in attitude will absolutely do wonders for your lasting ability.

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