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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reasons Why Men Cheat

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We all want to enjoy life and be cared for by our loved ones which is one of the reasons we get into relationships. One of the worst things that can happen in a relationship or a marriage is discovering that your husband has been cheating. This can be devastating especially if the couple had always seemed happy together.
I say "seemed" happy together because if two people are truly happy together, there will be no cheating or unfaithfulness.
One of the reasons men give for cheating is to get away from the relentless criticism that is sometimes part of married life or long term relationships. One of the things that happens in marriage is that in an attempt to take care of everything and everybody in their home, most women get into the habit of correcting others so that things will work better.
Sadly this tendency to correct can easily be called nagging. When this happens men complain about never doing anything right at home and seek solace in the hands of other women. Of course it is easy to be a loving easy going person when you meet someone only once or twice a month.
A second reason men cheat is that they complain that their wives have changed physically. They say their wives have grown fat and lost their shape. The men conveniently forget their own abdominal bulge and shamelessly apply a double standard to their wives. With this excuse they look for pretty young women to have affairs with.
A third reason men cheat is because they are looking for a source of excitement outside of their marriage. They want a person or a place where they can be free to try out their fantasies without being caught. They want to have a fling with others and still keep their marriage. Most of these men, will never ever take the time to get their own wives excited about their fantasies or desires, but they still blame them for the boredom in their lives.
According to Dr. Willard Harvey Jr., men cheat when they feel that they are not being loved, the way they want to be loved. If a man who prefers plenty of romantic gestures is married to a woman whose idea of  loving is related to activities like gardening, going to watch movies and doing concrete acts of service, there will be a problem. This creates a potential for conflict or an excuse for dissatisfaction between lovers. Men who choose to cheat will use such a dissatisfaction as a reason for their actions.

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