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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Secrets to Lasting Longer and Making Your Partner Orgasm Each and Every Time You Have Sex!

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Women and men's sexuality aren't tied together in perfect unity. This is because women take 20 minutes or more to achieve orgasm, and men take 3 minutes to 10 minutes to achieve awesome orgasms. Furthermore, women can go on after multiple orgasms, but men tend to stop after one.
There are simple exercises that men must engage in to overcome their natural fallibility with their orgasm duration. Men need to stop and consider that women will leave an inadequate sexual relationship, or they will at least feel somewhat heartbroken and unsaturated by such unfulfilling fumblings in the sac. Basically, if women like they're always getting cut out of having a good orgasm, you need to do some exercises to work on your premature ejaculation so she doesn't feel out of tune with your orgasms.
The trick to stopping premature ejaculation is to work on the PC muscle. This muscle is similarly controlled to any other muscle in your body, and your orgasms can be directly controlled through this muscle. Forcing your PC muscle to respond to your desires can guarantee a good time in bed and assure your wife of having no premature ejaculation.
You might be familiar with the PC muscle already because it is used to stop the flow of pee when you are urinating in the toilet. Sometimes, men may need to stop the flow of urination for some abrupt event like someone walking in whereby they have to turn to their side. This is a common phenomenon, and it shows the potential of being able to control your PC muscle with your thoughts.  You can control the duration before you ejaculate with careful precision involved in manipulating your PC muscle, and this can be practiced time and time again with your thoughts

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