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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Test Your Commitment - Getting Ready For an Exclusive Relationship

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Are you thinking of getting into a serious, exclusive relationship? Do you think you're ready? Think you've found the one?  We know people who are in multiple long term and open relationships, people who are in casual relationships, people who have only casual flings and people who have exclusive relationships. Deciding that you would like to have a serious exclusive relationship can be a daunting task, especially if you think you've found that perfect someone.
Take this Relationship Quiz and ask yourself some important questions along the way. Rate your response to the statements below - 1 being you don't feel like it's true or accurate at all, 10 being that you feel it is incredibly true or accurate.
1) You've become a more serious person lately
2) You've found someone you really enjoy spending time with (Or you're only looking for someone you could see yourself with long term)
3) You're thinking about your long-term goals a lot more
4) You've been thinking about what to do next in life
5) You feel that it's difficult to find someone that meets your standards and expectations
6) Life is good
7) You've been thinking about whether or not the person you're seeing is a good long term prospect (Or you screen people you're dating by whether they would make a good long term prospect)
8) You're becoming less superficial
9) You know where you would like to be 10 years from now
10) You know EXACTLY what you want in your partner
Alright, now add up your scores and check them against the results below:
80-100: You are absolutely ready for an exclusive relationship. Your mind is on the future and where you would like to be compared to where you are now. Being unsatisfied with where you are is not a bad thing. Provided you are not wishing or the future you want, but using the fact that you are unsatisfied to fuel you. Thinking about the future, knowing what you want in a partner and feeling that you really want a long term prospect in a partner are all signs that you are ready for a long term relationships. Simply wanting a long term relationship does not mean you are ready emotionally.
60-80: You are right on the cusp of being ready for an exclusive relationship. At this point it is not so much that you need incentive, you just need to get to the "tipping point". That one event that determines which direction your life will head. This is either finding the right person or recognising that you already have.
40-60: If you are taking this quiz you likely want or are considering a serious relationship. But the question is how prepared are you for this? If you have no thoughts or ideas about the future, how could you handle the inevitable trials of having a serious, committed relationship?
Less than 40 - Perhaps it's time to settle down and make some serious life decisions. What do you really want in life? What are you really looking for in your perfect partner? Perhaps this part of your life isn't about the future. Sometimes you just need to enjoy life and find yourself, go party or travel, do what makes you happy. If this is stage of life you are at, then a committed relationship is only going to get in the way.

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