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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tips for Lasting Very Long in Bed

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Sex is one of the most pleasurable gifts known to man. However, it can turn into an unsatisfying experience for couples if not enjoyed properly. Due to biological differences between a man and a woman, there is also a difference in how they enjoy sex. While men build up an orgasm quickly, it usually takes a lot more time for a woman to climax. This difference in time can lead to sex becoming a boring act for your woman that might leave her unfulfilled.
Here are some great tips to last much longer in bed than you normally do:
  • Learn to identify the feeling that comes just before you ejaculate and then try to slow down if you feel it approaching.
  • Kegel exercises have helped thousands of men in improving the muscle control of their penis area. Make it part of your workout routine.
  • Focus on her pleasure instead of yours and help her climax first. You can achieve this by longer period of foreplay and by giving attention to her erogenous zones.
  • It has been found that men tend to last longer during a repeat sex act as compared to the first one.
  • Letting her be on top of you helps in delaying your orgasm, especially if you guide her movements and make her go-slow while she is riding you.
  • Finally, stop obsessing about the clock and learn to enjoy the whole act of being together in bed.
Follow these tips and you are sure to have a much better and enjoyable time in the bed.

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