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Friday, January 7, 2011

Touch The One You Love, ALWAYS!

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Back when you were a kid, and you had some sort of crisis, what did your parents do? The comforted you, and if not your parents a teacher, or a relative gave you comfort and you felt better. It is a proven fact tat when a child is upset about something, and you give them love, it helps to get the through it.
The same fact is true for relationships, there are going to come times when your significant other needs you to love on them. They are going to want your embrace to make it all better. Touching is a big part of a relationship, it shows care, compassion, and love. There is no sexual expectancy behind the embrace, it is just to show compassion.
When was the last time you just walked up to your partner, and gave them an intimate kiss? Or held their hand in public, what about cuddled with them just because? If you seriously have to think about it, it has been way, way to long. In a relationship you have plenty of opportunities to do these types of things.
While two of you go shopping, walk behind her/him and embrace him/her while walking. Who cares if you show a little bit of PDA, If people get offended it is just cause they are jealous.
You can make kisses more sensual by touching their face and playing with their hair. What about rubbing their back when the come home after a bad day at work, or placing your hand on their leg at dinner, just to let them know your right there. There are so many opportunities you have to show your partner compassion and love.
Showing your partner comfort and compassion, doesn't have to be shown in a sexual way. You can do it without any sexually intimate intention what so ever. Just show that you care and that you are there for them good or bad. To many times, a couple will lose this connection, and go months without touching each other.
Once this happens, it is only a matter of time before one of you will look to get the touching from someone else, not necessarily sex, just compassion. You have to keep the touching and compassion alive in your relationship. If you do this, you should have no problems what so ever!

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