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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Understanding The True Meaning of Love

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Love is a many splendid things; the phrase commonly heard when love is defined. Often than not, this word is used but not truly thought of the deeper meaning of it. There are a lot of cases of divorce in any place on the planet and that is because of misconception on what love is. If love is truly understood, it could be the only reason to save a marriage.
Time can change a lot of things and that includes the feelings of two individuals. One falls in love without any reason at all. But being happy in the companionship of each other is the only reason enough to sustain a relationship.
There are many factors on why a certain relationship could just die. Those factors include but are not limited to communication, coldness, no common interest, insensitivity and many other reasons. If only these causes can be surmounted, then a healthier marriage could be easily obtained.
There was such book published about why men are from Mars and women are from Venus. It is because they do not have common ways of thinking and expressing themselves. Women tend to be very emotional and vocal about their feelings while men usually contain their emotions since they are more afraid of showing it.
Men and women just perceive each other communications in different ways. Those indifferences will sometimes create the barrier between both parties and hence the start of an incoming divorce.
The best resolution for emerging issues in a relationship is able to communicate in a composed manner. In this way a flawless conversation and exchange of thoughts will be much understood by two involved individuals.
Generally, a healthy marriage could only be achieved if love is completely understood.

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