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Sunday, January 2, 2011

What You Need to Know About The Steps of Physical Intimacy

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Intimacy generally refers to a state of being in a close relationship to another person. Either it is already serious or still in the process of getting more serious. Many people just eventually develop intimate relationships without even knowing it. It just happens to normal people with normal feelings, but there are some people who cannot easily get into it. There are many factors that affect the progression of intimacy. It could be personality, behavior, trust, psychological compatibility, and many more. To solve many problems in developing intimacy, it helps to understand the steps through which physical intimacy progresses.
The following are the steps of physical intimacy
1. Eye to Body -- unknowingly to most people, intimacy starts by just a simple eye to body contact. This means almost nothing to most people because it happens everywhere. Attraction is not a choice. It comes into your unconscious mind, and you are not even aware that you are attracted to them, yet it leads into the intimacy progression.
2. Eye to Eye -- this stage is different from the first step because in this stage there is a mutual interaction. Each person knows he or she is seen.
3. Voice to voice -- at this stage, you start to share ideas, dreams, aspirations, and judgments. This stage is very significant in compatibility testing. Voice to voice interaction could be one-sided or a dialogue. Friendship normally begins at this stage.
4. Hand to hand -- when a man holds a woman's hand naturally without any feeling of awkwardness, it means something. This is when relationship begins to deepen from a simple friendship.
5. Arm to shoulder -- the relationship in this stage is even deeper than hand to hand. Arm around your partner's shoulder signifies closeness and intimacy. Putting your arm around the other person's shoulder unconsciously shows that you own the person and that the person is really attached to you. The feeling of both sides is reciprocal as allowing each other to do the arm-to-shoulder is mutual.
6. Arm to waist -- this is simply a significant progression of intimacy. It is even deeper from arm to shoulder because it is indicative of familiarity and comfort level within each other.
7. Face to face -- kissing is the vital stage of intimacy because this means that you completely trust the person.
8. Hand to body -- this is the stage where you entrust your body to the other person. You allow the beginning of foreplay.
9. Mouth to breast -- foreplay continues to the more private part of your body without mistrust. Both parties like it.
10. Hand below waist -- during this stage, a man fondles a woman's private parts
11. Sexual intercourse -- this is the most intimate act of relationship.  This stage requires communication -- not necessarily verbal -- about what you desire and are comfortable with.
It is important to let intimacy progress through the stages in order.   Following them can prevent the relationship from breaking down through misunderstanding. Attempting to move to the next step and getting the other person's reaction can allow negotiation of the relationship without talking at times when talking is often awkward.

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