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Friday, February 11, 2011

Blue Valentines Do Not Give Up On Love

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The one day of the year we endorse and notarize and support "THE LOVE DAY."
What happens the rest of the year? Do we give up on love the remaining 364 days of the year? Do we feel and act blue when that little inner voice tells us "you are alone on this HOT RED DAY" totally loveless, singled out and isolated from the reality exposed out there wherever YOU go, expressed in bold letters " Valentine's day" Red ribbons, red hearts, red roses, red candy, red bows decorating red wrapping paper and the entire world around us painted in bright red. What do we do when our hearts feel blue and the entire universe around us is flashing in red?
LOVE! The 4 letter word each and every one of us wants to experience and feel; a high without measure. We were born to love and be loved. Love is simply a necessary ingredient in our daily diet. PLEASE do not give up on it 365 days of the year.
The perception of love is the seed you plant in your private garden and don't let anyone tell you it's not necessary, has no impact and it does not grow. You master your own intimate relationship with love. Love and rising in love, giving and receiving love will color your days, warm your hearts, kindle your souls and you will learn to dance to the rhythm of your exclusive tunes.
We've all been there at least once. If you are an active member of the lonely hearts group; THE "EMPTY loveless people" I can assure you that love will reach you again. Don't be down on love. Love starts with you.
1. If you have a significant other - make time for each other. Share with him/her all that is important and dear to you and in your heart. Talk about and express what are your deepest needs and listen and be open to hear his/her deepest needs. It's a perfect day to do so AND KEEP in mind nobody is perfect. Utopia is when you learn to cherish love. Replace letting go with letting IN with passion and good energy and genuine intentions.
2. If you are in a new relationship and the word love hasn't been mentioned; - Do not build expectations because it's Valentine's Day. Be patient; be true to yourself and to your partner. Be authentic, don't play games. Don't compete and don't compare and don't be envious of others. Do something spontaneous and follow what your heart and mind desire. Action speaks louder than words. Giving unconditionally is a precious gift.
3. If you are not in a relationships and you feel alone and totally lost and empty. Be good and loving to yourself. You've got YOU! Chose an activity you feel passionate about; a good work out, a hot cup of coffee, call your parents, text your siblings and distant friends (tell them you love them) go for a long walk on the beach, connect with nature, read a good book, stay home and turn on your favorite music, dance in front of a mirror, watch a great movie, buy yourself something unique, schedule a trip for this year to an exotic place, prepare a dream board and list your utmost 3 wishes and resolution for 2011. Give a donation. The options are unlimited. Feel liberated.
Smile regardless of what you do!
Don't ever give up on love! The pool of love is out there inviting you for a swim. Take a few laps without hesitations. Love life and life will love you back. Embrace it with a happy, open and enthusiastic attitude.

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