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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Body Language Signs Of Love And Chemistry: The Eyes Say It All

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The eyes emanate a large amount of signals which, if analysed objectively and properly, will give you all the answers you need with regards to your loved one's feelings for you or at least attraction towards you.
First of all, and this may sound obvious though absolutely true, our eyes go towards what we love to see. If someone is attracted to you, they will look at you as often as they can; they would look at your all the time if they could, if they did not feel embarrassed by doing so. If they are not sure of your attraction for them they may try to hide this but you should be able to 'catch' them looking at you many times. If someone does not look at you, they are not attracted to you; plain and simple.
Now, let's talk about the movements of the eyes when they look at you: they may gaze into your eyes of course, for prolonged moments, but this is proportionate to their confidence that their attraction or love for you is reciprocated. If they are not sure about your feelings for them, more 'subtle' eye movements will take place instead: whilst talking or listening to you, after their initial short gaze into your eyes, their eyes will quickly move to another part of your face, such as eye to eye to mouth or eye to hair, as if they were caressing you with their eyes. If they have even less confidence or if they don't know you, they will look at you often and then look away.
The common belief that those who find us attractive have dilating pupils is true; however, since this event takes place in a number of other circumstances (such as in a poorly lit room or after consumption of certain drinks or foods), you cannot rely on it as a one-off signal. If they raise their eyebrows, on the other hand, whilst looking back at us after looking away, it is commonly believed to be a strong indication that they find you attractive.
If you are talking to someone close-up and you notice not only that their pupils are dilated (larger than usual and larger than other peoples in the room) but also that their eyes seem to be somewhat watery, you can safely assume that this person finds you attractive.

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