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Monday, February 14, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

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The rose doesn't just happen. It takes a lot of care. A rose garden comes with aggressive legions of weeds to be pulled. Many pests lurk in rows ready to take down the plant and take advantage of the rose's tender nature. One un-attended weed, or small aphid can easily destroy the young rose. But the hard stem and bristly thorns have rooted resilience that comes back year after year.
Our relationships have so much in common with the rose, it's the first thought for a Valentine's gift. In ancient times, the rose was ground up and used in love potions. Today over one hundred varieties of roses fill greenhouses and florists shops, waiting quietly, patiently to cast their spell. According to floral industry research, over thirty-three Billion dollars are generated in the floral industry annually with Valentine's Day ranked as the number one holiday for gifting flowers. About three out of every four flowers given are roses. Most of the buyers are men. It's our human courting ritual, our attempt to compete with the male Peacock at showing off brilliant colors, to do a little dance and make a little love.  .
In our fragile relationships come the thorns, miss-placed words, neglect while the weeds grow, and occasional bouts with disease that threaten to strangle what love is left. As you reach for the rose, remember to avoid the thorny branch. Protect the tender flower of your un-conditional love with all the attention and care you can muster.  Keeping the fire alive is our job as we tend the garden of our love, the way that ancient farmer fulfilled his duty to nurture and bring to life that very first rose.

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