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Monday, February 28, 2011

How to Attract a Man Without Losing Your Dignity

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Dating has become so complex that many women feel they need help to know how to attract a man. The problem that many women face is that some of the things they used to do no longer work. Dating has changed forever. The basics are always the same, though, and with a little help you can learn the best way to attract and keep the man of your dreams.
Men love to feel important and valued. It is no secret that men tend to have fragile egos. They want and need a woman to look at them with respect. You don't need to act like a fawning teenager - but genuine compliments will quickly get his attention.
Find two or three things that you like about him, then compliment him on those things as your conversation progresses. Even more powerful - touch his arm or elbow as you say something to him. Making that little connection can really get his attention.
Another thing that you can do to attract men is to talk to the ones that you find attractive. Now you may be playing shy or hard to get, but nothing is worse than losing a guy that you find attractive because you do not want to go talk to them! So make sure that you work up the nerve to approach the guy that you have eyes for. Keep a little mystery, act interested but don't throw yourself at him.
No matter how technologically advanced we become as a species, men still like to think of themselves as the pursuers. The key is to make yourself accessible, but not too available. Be friendly. Smile. Act interested. Just don't act like he is the last slice of bread at the Breakfast Party.
This is different than the advice to "play hard to get." You are not playing a game with him, you are naturally letting him take the lead. If you are completely available from the get-go, there is no mystery, no chase, and no feeling of accomplishment when he finally achieves the goal of winning your heart.

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