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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to Keep Husband Satisfied Emotionally - Here's How to Make Him Want No One But You

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Being sexually in tuned with your husband isn't the only aspect that you should be worried about in your relationship. Having great sex is nothing compared to being emotionally one with him. In fact, these two aspects aren't the same. So how would you work at keeping your hubby emotionally satisfied?

Look through his eyes.
See how you look through his eyes. Imagine how he would describe your relationship as a couple. Don't just keep thinking about you and what you want, doing so will be unfair to him. This man deserves to be happy, too, keep that in mind.

Satiate all those sexual cravings.
And that's for both partners! Don't just keep giving him what he wants and then you are left wanting. Satisfy him sexually and tell him how he could also satisfy you sexually.

Pure appreciation, nothing less.
Always be grateful for all the things that your husband contributes into your relationship. A guy who knows that he's being appreciated will work harder at giving you more. He'll also feel a lot manlier - and that is definitely something that you would want him to feel!

Learn to anticipate your spouse's needs.
Show to your husband that you're willing to share his responsibilities. One of his needs is to be off the hook every once in a while. Know all of the things that he wants and give them to him. As long as they don't harm your relationship, pamper your husband with all of these things.

Assert your right, he'll love you for it.
If you have to emphasize what you need or want, at least make your assertion respectful. Don't ever demean your man by making him feel that he's inferior. Learn to assert for your wants and desires in a calm manner.

Love all of the members of his family.
Though some of them may not be that lovable, still, you have to do everything in your power to love these people. They are the ones who he grew up with so learn to embrace them into your life.

Agree on your future plans.
After all, you're a husband and wife team so it would be futile to plan on two different futures. You'd have to agree or you'd never be able to formulate a workable plan for your family.

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