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Friday, February 4, 2011

How to Spot a Cheater male-partner

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Some men are heartless, and a lot of women would probably tell you that all men are heartless, but don't jump to conclusions just because you suspect that you have a cheater male-partner. Look for the signs before throwing accusations around. Infidelity hurts whether it is in a marriage or a more casual relationship, and once the cheating begins it usually only begets more cheating. The good thing about cheater male-partners is that they are usually easy to recognize.
He may stop calling you as much, or maybe the level of physical intimacy is reduced from where it normally is. These are two clear indications of a cheater male-partner. These two signs are the most prevalent and thankfully, the easiest to spot, but where people run into trouble is in the accepting part. You see most women will recognize the signs and sense that something isn't right, but they will fail to take action and in some extreme cases; deny that anything is going on altogether. Going on like nothing is happening may seem like a good idea, but in the end dealing with the problem head on is much more efficient and respectable. You just have to make sure that your assumptions are correct before proceeding with such a horrid accusation. The key to catching a cheater male-partner is either catching them red handed in the act, or somehow obtain some hard evidence that is undeniable. This will force the truth to the surface and expose your cheater male-partner for who he really is.

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