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Friday, February 18, 2011

Is Love Really Blind?

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You may have heard the expression that love is blind, and while it hold some good merit to it that is not always the case when we first meet someone.
When we first meet someone we normally size them up as we would with anything we are investing in for the long-term future. We see what they can offer us in terms of happiness, companionship, and even financial stability. We base our attraction on the finding of our research and decide whether they are worth pursuing more or whether we should avoid the person and move on. And they are doing the same thing. I know it sounds harsh but it's the truth.
Most of us spend our first impression and first few dates trying to convince our potential love interest that they will be getting a good deal if they choose us. We are on our best behavior. We are wearing our most flattering clothes. We are trying to say all the right things and do all the right things to ensure this person see's us as a good candidate for their life.
Now if love was really blind then we wouldn't have to put on our best behavior in the start. We would instead let it all hang out for the other person to see. We would do all of our disgusting habits in front of them and we would act as we do when we are sitting at home on a Monday night. But we don't do that until later in the relationship. This is when love really becomes blind.
Later in the relationship, after we have hooked our love interest firmly into our lives, we stat to let our true colors shine through. All of our annoying habits and traits that only our mother could love start to come out. This is when our partner see's through many of our 'faults' and instead views us for who we really are inside.
They look past the things that normally turn off a new love interest and instead focus on the things that are important to them in the relationship like security, companionship, and being loved.
Of course there is an exception to this rule. Sometimes the person loses their best behavior only to reveal a nasty and ugly behavior beneath it. This could take the form of abuse, cheating,;etc. This is when many people struggle with their relationship and whether to stay in it or not.
In fact most people do not let their love blind them from the truth of what their partner is doing to themselves and their relationship. Instead they either start fighting with their partner and live in unhappiness or leave their partner because love is not enough.

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