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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love Brings Peace - Such As Peace to Egypt

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The love shown by so many people within and outside Egypt during this relatively peaceful revolution is something to admire.
Images of tanks facing protesters and protesters offering gifts and hugs to soldiers, who reciprocated in kind, shows that anything is possible when love is the basis. These images brought back vivid memories of the 1989 Tiananmen Square face-off, with the lone protestor facing the line of tanks. This protest, which unfortunately ended with hundreds of protestor deaths, arguably led to the China of today, a China developing in leaps and bounds. Images which also brought back memories of the peaceful revolution in the Philipines a little earlier in 1986, which themselves led to a democratic Philipines. The latter inspiring the 1989 revolutions which led to the fall of the communist dictatorships in Europe and Asia.
Love is an extremely powerful force which can peacefully lead people to dramatic and revolutionary events and outcomes. History has numerous events which began out of love and ended in peace. Some of the greatest people in history influenced such impacts, for example: Jesus - God to Christians, Mohammad, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, etc.
We, the everyday people, are challenged to likewise allow love to bring peace to our particular part of the world, our community, our family, ourselves!
Just as in Egypt this month, there will be many challenges and threats to peaceful outcomes for us. However, if the intention is legitimate, the outcome will often be special. However, at times, considerable work is needed to convince various parties to become involved and think similarly for peace. Heartbreak is also an option and sometimes reality, but an option which often needs to be experienced and learnt from... Out of pain and hurt, love often brings happiness and joy.
We can all be inspired by the events of this month in Egypt and last month in Tunisia. Peace was not totally attained without violence, however violence was minimal and usually from the threatened force - the cornered 'animal' syndrome. The peace-lovers were mostly just that, peaceful.
 Love once again wins out! Love brings peace - a peace to Egypt and hence a more peaceful world! We can all learn from this and make love the top priority.

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