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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why Are Men Afraid Of Commitment? The Truth

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One main reason is the women in their past. All those women who seemed so cool in the beginning that turned into nagging, drama queens. You know the type, she was clingy and needed his constant attention and validation. She threatened his freedom to the core. Yep, he is probably going to be a little more cautious. There really are a lot of crazy women out there.
He fears you won't accept him as he is, and will try to change him. This is a common fear that keeps some men from committing. You can bet there are also a lot of women out there who try and change a man. When a man feels like you are trying to change him, he doesn't feel like it's actually him you are attracted too. He feels you are attracted to the man you want to create or a fantasy that doesn't exist.
So you ask Why are men afraid of commitment? The truth is, they really aren't afraid of commitment, they are just afraid of commitment with the wrong woman. They fear once they get him hooked, it's all going to change. The excitement will be gone. Men want excitement and the thought of not having any isn't appealing to them.
Trust is one the reasons: I don't mean trust as in he won't cheat on you trust. I mean trust in that you trust that he has your best interests at heart, you trust that he can make his own decisions. You don't try and tell him what he should do because you trust his judgement.
Men also won't commit if they haven't built a deep emotional attraction with a woman. This has to be an attraction that causes him to think of her when they are apart. This attraction has to be present with men. When it's not, it's one of the reasons why men are scared to commit.

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