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Saturday, March 26, 2011

5 Ways to boast Your Relationship

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Relationships are always a work in progress. So many people work really hard  building a relationship and then once they feel comfortable with it they just stop altogether. If you stop paying attention to the relationship or stop trying to improve it on some level then your relationship will start to lose the closeness that it once had.

Here are 5 ways to enhance your relationship and make it stronger than ever before.

1. Study the Opposite Sex

If you don't understand how your woman feels for telling her she looks alright in that dress than study they way women hear things and how they interpret them. And if you don't understand why your man stops talking when you ask him to share his feelings then study how men deal with their feelings about negative situations.

Men and women see the world through different eyes and the sooner we realize that the healthier our relationships will be. For instance, one sentence may be interpreted completely different by a man than a woman, and vice-versa. It's your job to really understand why that is and how you can say and do things to please your partner based on how they see the world.

2. Spend More Time Together.

The days are filled with work, kids, or school and the nights are filled with supper, TV, and bedtime. When is the time for your relationship?

Spending even an hour a day together talking, sharing, and being close is vital to a happy relationship and will instantly make you feel closer to your partner when you do it.

3. Share Your Common Interests.

Common interests are what bring us together in relationships and they make our relationships have strong ties that hold us together. You have to nourish those ties and make them an important part of the relationship. Not only does it make you feel connected on a deeper level but it's just fun to do things that you both love together. Your relationship will thank you!

4. Offer Each Other Support
So start being more supportive of each other and the ideas that each of you have. Support shows that you are on their side of life no matter what, and that you are behind them no matter where they choose to go. This will only make your relationship stronger and more fulfilling.

5. Keep Sex Alive and Interesting
If your sex life is boring, then you need to study new ways to make it more exciting. If your sex life has become a drag then it can become a huge issue in your relationship.

And don't get caught up in the thought that only the act of sex is important. Every other aspect of sexual relations is important in enhancing a relationship and keep you connected including touching, caressing, and even hugging!

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