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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do Men Like Nice Women - What Do Men Really Want in a Wife?

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When I saw this question: Do men like nice women? I quickly realized that everyone's definition of nice is very different. So what seems nice to a woman, really may not seem nice to men at all. And that's where all the confusion is.
I am sure you might have had some extremely nice female friends; some of them are now happily married with kids, while some others have been single for years. On the other hand, there might be female friends who aren't really so nice by your estimation, and it's the same - some of them are happily married, and some of them have been single for years too.
So, I think if you're looking for a formula about what men want... in a girlfriend, and ultimately in a wife, there has to be something more than just being a nice girl or a bad girl. Men must want something more than that.
And I too, spent a long time wondering about this and nothing clicked for me until I heard and read this sentence: A man wants to be with a woman who makes him feel like a man.
That's right. A man wants to be with a woman who makes him feel like a man. To be even more specific, he wants to feel like he is a successful man to the woman he loves. In order to understand this concept better, you need to understand what makes a man feel manly. He feels manly when:

  • He makes you happy (when you smile and when you laugh).
  • He knows he's doing well at his career.
  • He feels useful.
  • He gets things done.
  • He wins at games e.g sports, etc.
  • He feels sexual.
So nice women can give him some of these things... by laughing at his jokes and praising him for doing well at his job. But on top of this, a man really needs to feel sexual passion and excitement towards a woman before he falls in love. If he doesn't feel excited, he will probably only have friendly feelings towards you.

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