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Friday, March 25, 2011

How to Please a Woman Perfectly

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Men are physiologically and emotionally different from women. A woman is hardwired to feel sexually active after spending an enjoyable evening with a guy, while a man is sexually charged mostly during mornings, after waking up. Even after sex it seems that men enjoy taking a nap while women feel like chatting. However, it cannot be denied that both men and women love sex. Men maybe are more vocal about their sex lives, but it does not mean that women are not up to it. You just have to know and determine what makes a woman happy so you will know how to please her.
Women are very different from each other. What may be good for a woman might be disliked by another. Therefore, when learning how to please a woman it is important that you take many different aspects into play.
Pleasing a woman takes time and effort. This should be well-remembered by men who want to please their woman. In a sexual context, men should take it slow, rather than going straight to intercourse. If you want to please your woman, you should start with a little foreplay. Foreplay arouses a woman. Then, when she's all wet and ready for you, that's the time you penetrate her and get in sync with her. Don't fast track everything as if you're a track and field athlete out to oust your competitors.
Creativity plays a vital role in foreplay. Doing things that will pleasure your woman takes creativity. Anyone can put  their penis inside a vagina, but not every man can pleasure a woman the way she likes to be. Start from the top and cover her with kisses from the lips, to her neck, behind the ears, her cleavage area, suck her nipples and across her abdomen.The rule to abide when you want to please your woman is to give first before receiving. Be careful not to be rough with a woman's vagina.
Women have various erogenous zones. Make it your mission to find these areas by exploring her body with your mouth and hands. Make it a trial and error mission while enjoying the whole episode. She would love it if you can discover her pleasure points without her needing to tell you anything. But, if you can't find these points, there is nothing wrong with asking her what feels good, and what doesn't. Remember to work your way into things rather than just trying to stimulate her sensitive areas. For example, use your fingers to gently pass over her skin on her legs in a circular motion, slowly making your way to her vagina. Once you get there, touch it for a few seconds then, move back onto her leg.
The actual coitus and intercourse need not be the end of the whole sexual activity. After reaching climax, cuddling her and making her feel cherished and loved would please any woman. Just like helping her brush her hair and giving her a massage as part of your foreplay act, cuddling and soft-pillow talk will give you the edge over men who view sex as the sole act of pleasuring a woman.

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