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Monday, March 28, 2011

How You Can Increase Chemistry In Your Relationship

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Are you struggling with chemistry in your relationship? Did your marriage have an early spark but now it's gone? There is a lot of things you can do and increase chemistry in your relationship.
Is There Chemistry?
If you have never built strong chemistry, you might find it difficult to get an idea about what it is. Chemistry is when 2 people feel a powerful sense of attraction for each other. They are comfortable with each other and share the same thoughts, beliefs, dreams and aspirations.
This sparks chemistry in a relationship. So if you don't communicate with your partner or appreciate them, you will have a problem on your hands. And increasing chemistry in your relationship could be a tall task.
Work on Rapport
You cannot build any chemistry if you do not have a rapport with your spouse. To create rapport, always look for easy and interesting topics you can connect with. Make sure the topics are fun. This influences everything that you do and helps you develop a sense of attraction for your partner.
Be Funny
Treat your relationship as a happy place and not a military barrack. Make jokes and you will see it will increase the bond between you and your lover. Just keep your jokes clean, so that you don't offend your partner or her beliefs.
Expression is Key
You cannot build chemistry with people who do not know you. Instead of keeping your opinions to yourself or hiding things you feel your partner might not like about you, air them out. Share your thoughts and feelings about anything and everything.
Express yourself and hold nothing back, this shows you value your relationship and your partner.
Be Physical
Where will chemistry be if you cannot be physical with your partner? Absolutely nowhere. Action speaks louder than words, so show your attraction by touching, caresses and light kissing. However these physical things have been proven to show that they help and make a happy relationship for you and your partner.. Also talk about the physical features you find attractive in your partner
Chemistry in a relationship can come naturally. You can also create this chemistry with partner by developing rapport, being funny, expressing yourself and being physical with your partner. This is how to increase chemistry in your relationship. Use all this and you are off to a very good start.

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