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Monday, March 7, 2011

Importance of Trust in a Relationship

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Trust in a relationship is very crucial. Without trust, a relationship cannot last as a healthy and happy bond. For useful tips on how to have trust in your relationship and to have good communication with your partner please read on.

1. You have to be truthful from the start of a relationship. You should never lie to your partner - even white lies or small lies. For instance, you will be running late getting home because you are working late but in reality you are hanging out with coworkers - that is a very bad idea. Once your partner finds out that you are lying, your partner will wonder what else you have lied about.

2. You should be reliable. No matter how big or small your promises are. If you have promised your spouse that you will be home at 7:00 pm, you should be home on time. If you promised that you will drop by the supermarket to get some fruits or bread, do it. For the big ones, such as being truthful to your spouse that no matter what happens, you will be loyal to your partner and you will never look at someone else.

3. You have to set boundaries. If your spouse is being bothered by an ex-partner who is calling frequently, you have to let your spouse know and feel that she or he is your only love. Do not allow a spark that might ignite into a big fire.

4. You should give your trust to your spouse. Do not accuse your partner of cheating or committing infidelity if you do not have clear evidence. If you do not have proof, it might create an atmosphere of mistrust. You should be faithful and honest with your partner as well. Believe what your spouse is telling you.

5. You have to be fair. If you had bad relationships in the past, do not make your partner pay for all the sins of your exs. Your spouse has already committed his or her life to you.

6. Build your trust in your relationship by trusting yourself. This is one of the strongest foundations of any relationship.

7. You have to match your words with the message. You have to say what you mean and mean what you say. If you say something to your spouse, but the tone of your voice or the delivery of your words or your body language doesn't match, there's something else.

8. Let your spouse know who you are. In a relationship, you are entrusting yourself to your partner. Do not hold back any emotional issues. Discuss whatever you want to tell your spouse.

9. You should believe and have faith that your partner is competent in understanding and accepting the situation. Many have said this phrase, "I don't want to tell my partner or spouse because I don't want to hurt him or her." Do not underestimate the capacity of your partner to understand. Remember that the truth can be conveyed in loving and charming ways and is never destructive.

The above relationship tips on how to have trust in a relationship are sure-fire tips that you can try. Trust is important in every relationship. It is the binding agent of a relationship. Once it has been broken, you will have a hard time bringing it back.

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