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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Infidelity - Who Are More Prone to It, Men or Women?

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Who is more prone to commit an act of infidelity, a man or a woman? This is an interesting question. I am not sure whether any study has been made to find an answer to this question. Even if such a study were to be conducted, it is very likely that the findings may not be accurate because of three reasons.
1) People may not be truthful when asked about the problem of infidelity in their marriage. This is a subject that will be equally embarrassing to the partner who has cheated and the other who has been cheated. Many people will consider it a disgrace to talk about this openly.
2) In some cases, there may only be suspicion. But some people will not hesitate to label their suspicions as reality. Thus, one may get some exaggerated information about people involved in having extra-marital affairs.
3) Many affairs are going on with the people concerned having no suspicion or inkling of the happenings. These cases obviously will not be reported.
Thus any such study on the prevalence of this aberrant relationship is not likely to present a realistic picture. But we know that many men and women do have extra-marital relationships. But can we find an answer to the question: Which sex is more prone to this malaise?
We all know that boys and girls are brought up with divergent beliefs, attitudes and value systems. In general, girls are expected to be more strict and restrained in their behavior. This kind of a restraint can have two opposite kinds of effects. It may create a fear in women and make them less likely to violate the norms and morals imposed by the society. On the other hand, the very suppression may motivate them to rebel against the society's authoritarian and unfair ways and defy the society by deliberately indulging in something they are admonished against. So, we can't say with certainty whether the way girls are brought up will make them less or more prone to seek extra-marital relationships.
As far as men are concerned, they have been enjoying more freedom from their childhood. This freedom may make them responsible or engender a tendency to do things at their will. Thus, we also cannot attribute an attitude to men as a whole.
The reality is infidelity, like love, is universal. In many cases, there may be a cause for this. Sometimes, it may just happen due to the physical attraction and emotional connection between two people, outside their marriage. What is required is to find a way of preventing infidelity in our society

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