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Friday, March 18, 2011

It Looks Like He Doesn't Want To Marry Me-Discover What He's Really Thinking

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You've been dating for a while now, perhaps even a couple of years. And maybe, you even live together. And even though marriage has come up a few times in your previous conversations, he hasn't proposed. And now, you can't help but wonder: Why doesn't he want to marry me? So to discover what he's really thinking, and what you should do next, read on...
Women have a fantasy of marriage. There's the beautiful wedding, the romantic honeymoon, the building of a family nest, and even having children together.
Don't get me wrong. Men want this too. But men tend to be a lot more practical than women. On top of desiring all the love, passion and romance of being in a committed relationship, he is keenly aware of the responsibilities he is committing to, once he decides to tie the knot and be married.
So if the man you love doesn't want to marry you, it's probably because he has doubts about his ability to make you happy and provide for all yours (and future children's) needs.
On the other hand, if your relationship has been filled with problems, and the two of you tend to fight quite a bit, his reluctance to marry you right now is probably because he's not sure that things will improve once he marries you. And he's right.
Marriage isn't a bandage that can help to solve all your relationship issues. It will only make them bigger. And men are very aware of this.
A man who comes from a broken family will be even more wary about making a commitment to marry you - because he's seen his parent's marriage breakdown before, and even experienced the consequences of it. Hence, he will do his best to avoid re-creating his parent's mistakes.
Ultimately, the reason why a man doesn't decide to marry you right now, is that he's not ready to settle down yet. This doesn't mean he will never marry you. But, if you try to push him into marriage - by manipulating him with tears, guilt, etc, you are playing a dangerous game.
Men hate being manipulated (women hate it too, don't you?). And the more you try to use emotional blackmail against him, the further he'll run away from you. So right now, instead of constantly worrying about why doesn't he want to marry me, the best thing you can do is to let him off the hook and change your focus. Think about all the great things he is doing and how much you appreciate him for being in your life.


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