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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Learn How To Become An Exciting And Attractive Wife

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There is a tendency for the sexual life of a couple to become droning, boring and not so exciting. This must not be allowed to happen. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate to wives how to improve and make their sexual lives with their husbands more exciting and fulfilling.
Please, let me be quick to add here that if you are a proud wife or a lady who hates to kowtow, especially to your husband, then do not bother to read this article. The suggestions in this writing is only revealing to the woman that walks in humility. There are several ways in which a woman can attract and excite her husband.
A wife who really wants to step up in her sexual life should be prepared to do these few suggestions:
  1. Enticingly dress when you are alone at home with your husband. Do the same thing when you are both in the bedroom.
  2. Try serving your husband's food dressed in a scanty top or short nightie. Try leaving your blouse open. You could also serve him with only a towel wrapped around you.
  3. When your husband is in the bathroom, you could go to the bathroom with only your underwear on and hold and hug him. You could also go behind your husband unexpectedly, grab his genitals, including his "balls" and begin fondling them. Please my dear ladies, do well to get your timing right.
  4. Deliberately lie on the bed and fall asleep naked. Believe me, this sight will catch your husband's attention when he walks into the room, immediately igniting his penis to erect. Do not forget to apply lotion to your body so to make it succulent and appealing. Also lie in bed completely naked and cover a part of your body with a sheet.
  5. Try lying down naked on your face at night and spread out your legs so that he can see your seductive buttocks and vulva. Let me warn you wives at this point that you should be ready, prepared and anticipate to receive certain erect  things in your vagina when you do this. Oh come on! Is that not what you've always wanted?
  6. Persuade him to please help you shave your pubic hair as you cannot reach the hairs down below very easily.
  7. When your husband is watching TV, do these four things:
    • Undress completely.
    • Go sit down next to him.
    • Put your head on his lap.
    • Anticipate a kiss, especially on your breast.
  8. Purposefully undress and ask your husband to give you a massage. Pretend to have a slight ache in your breast, back or buttocks and ask him to massage them for a while.
  9. Just mooch around naked in the bedroom when your husband is there. Surely, this will draw his attention to you. Please, do not blame me if your husband jumps on you to "devour" you. But what do you expect?
  10. Finally, sit in a chair reading a book with your blouse and bra off and spread out your legs to show your pants. Warning! All these should be done when you are alone at home with him.
Do not be a boring wife. Get exciting!

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