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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Need For Love

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The need for love is the twin baby of our hearts. The songs, "No Man is an Island, All By Myself, All You Need is Love," and many more love songs and poems whisper the great enchanting and comfortable feelings true love can give.
The complete definition of love is in 1Corinthians 13: 13. It says in one line "Love is the greatest" That says it well about life and in love would we find meaning.
Sometimes, things aren't just so right and we have lots of problems, but all these, too, shall pass, and we're left with the love in our hearts. Love remains. And though our minds couldn't fully express in words and actions completely; in our hearts, true love is felt. The receiver understands; the giver is happy. Love gains something and joy for everyone, here in life and thereafter.
The love we need comes from ourselves. We give love to the members of our family, to close friends, colleagues, communities, and to everyone. We even pity our enemies. And then, we are loved, too.
Where do we get true love? We get it from God, the Father of all. The source of this love in us comes from someone omnipotent. This love that we share is strong and honest. This love will teach wisdom, humility, kindness, and collaboration, among others. So those times that we feel down, let us keep loving.
I wondered if an angel would come and help us in times we need some miracles. And they do really come, in the people around us. God supplies our needs in special ways we don't understand. The plan and mission of our lives are clear to Him. So in what goes, we don't have to be afraid.
Love is making others happy. It is respecting the rights of others. It is admonishing them kindly. It is feeding the poor, helping the sick, and giving dignity to the oppressed. It is being just, and serving one another without waiting for a return or interest. It is inspiring others to achieve their goals and making them good workers for God's kingdom.
Let us try to love, though, even if sometimes it is quite difficult.
Let us try to love, though, and joy will follow.

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