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Friday, March 4, 2011

Show Someone You Love Them - The Best Ways to Say I Love You

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Do you wonder how you can show someone you love them? Can you do something to show someone you love them without saying the words "I love you"? But how do you do this? Showing a girl you love her is easy. As we all know, girls tend to be appreciative of things even the littlest ones. So, simple gestures will mean a lot most especially if you are sincere with your actions.
Here are a few tips to show someone you love them:
Give them your time. Spend as much time as you can with people you love. Show someone you love them by being with them. May it be on a simple day or a special occasion it will be very meaningful for them.
Listen to them. Do not just listen but understand what they are saying. If they're talking about problems, you need not say something. It can be that they just need someone to listen to them and accompany them in times of their pain.
To show someone you love them, you also have to compliment them on something dear to them. It could be their hobby, what they're good at or just a simple act but means the whole world to them.
You must also try to show interest in what they're doing.
Surprise them. It's not just during their birthdays nor on special occasions only. You may try to surprise them with a gift on ordinary days. It will be very special for her because she would feel that you value her so much.
Give them little notes everyday. A simple "Hi and good morning" or "Take care" will definitely make a difference. But, you have to do each note creatively so that it will not look plain and boring.
These tips will help you communicate to her how you feel without being too arrogant nor assuming. There are a lot of ways and styles in letting her know you love her without facing the pressure of saying the three magic words that will sweep her off her feet. You may start making her feel how much she means to you then eventually tell her that you love her.

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