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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Signs to Be Looking For When Falling in Love

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Falling in love signs are all about, if one knows what to look for. Falling in love causes involuntary changes in a person's attitude and demeanor. The feeling that one gets is a state of euphoria. It is intoxicating, thrilling and scary all at the same time. Love is not like the feeling of lust or infatuation. However, without knowing what signs to look for it can be hard to tell if it's love or something else.
One of the first signs of falling in love is being completely vulnerable. This vulnerability can be shown through sharing feelings, passions and fears. When you begin to fall in love, your heart opens up to your significant other. You begin to trust them with your innermost being. For some people, being vulnerable is frightening. This is especially true if you have had bad experiences with previous relationships or you had an unhealthy upbringing. When we are open to being vulnerable, we began to share those things that we may try to hide from everyone else.
Another sure sign of falling in love is the ability to see the inner beauty of a person. In the beginning of a relationship, much attention is given to the individual's physical appearance. As time goes on, and feelings of love start to flourish, you then begin to see the real person - their inner beauty. This is when you can look past their flaws and is here where the saying "love is blind" rings true.
If you are in a current relationship with someone and they want you to meet their family, you can be sure that this person is either falling in love with you or already loves you. Family is very important and introducing a significant other to family is considered serious. This proves that they are ready to have you completely entered into their world and you two are serious. If you have been introduced to both family and friends, you can guarantee their feelings for you are real.
Relationships tend to progress over time. What may start as a few dates during the week, can soon turn into spending every day together. When in love, couples will try to spend all of their waking moments together. This means spending time over at each other's houses, phone or text conversations in between. When falling in love, the idea of spending time in each other's presence is a very comforting and exciting feeling. You may also notice increase public displays of affection.
Finally, the last and most telling sign of falling in love is pure selflessness. This is when a person will put their significant others needs in front of their own. They do everything in their power to make sure that their partner is happy. It gives their partner a feeling of being taken care of and produces a feeling of satisfaction to meet their partner's needs.

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