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Sunday, April 17, 2011

3 Most Essentials To Discovering Your True Love

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We grew up watching movies and fairy tales where the prince always finds the princess and they live happily ever after in the end. This can't be more unrealistic or untrue and if you've already been in a real-life relationship, then you would know. Relationships take a lot of time, effort, and commitment in order to make things work. You don't just meet an insanely handsome man who will sweep you off your feet every day and live out the rest of your life just like that.
If you have been single for a long time and have been dying to find your one true love, there are three essentials that you must understand to prepare yourself for it once you find it or once it finds you.
1. Do you have the right attitude?
Now a lot of people believe in love right off the bat. But after a few bad relationships or after waiting for a long time with no one in sight, the heart begins to get weary and the outlook changes. You start to question love and your outlook on life. Then you begin to doubt on the very existence of love. If you're going down that road, hit the brakes and turn back. It might not seem that important but your attitude towards love really is. You can't expect to find love if you don't even believe in it in the first place. There's a certain kind of vibe you may be putting up out there with that negative attitude so change your way of thinking. Love will come when you least expect it.
2. Do you believe that you are lovable?
If you want to find someone to share the rest of your life with, then you would want to find someone who will love you for who you are, nothing more and nothing less. However, the more important thing here is, do you think you're lovable? Are you happy with who you are and with what you're doing with your life? If you're not, then this will obviously affect how you see yourself and what you deserve. I think that every woman deserves a man who will look at her and realize that she is perfect despite her imperfections. However, if you look in the mirror and see a girl who doesn't deserve to be loved, then that will also reflect in your choices with men. So before you open up yourself to love others, love yourself.
3. Are you taking charge of your life?
Before you can begin to share your life with someone else, you have to make sure that you're taking charge of it in the first place. What can you expect to share with someone if you don't even know what you're doing or where you're headed?
The road to love might seem like a long road but you have to make sure that you're ready for it before you get into a relationship. Not only will this safeguard your heart, but it will also assure you of a better future with your future partner.

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